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  1. Adams3

    Audi Joke.

    Very good mate!!
  2. Adams3

    PICS: It's the detail that kills your Photo....

    FPMSL. They are funny!!
  3. Adams3

    Steve Irwin

    Very good that!!
  4. Adams3

    Best Short Joke Award

    Two flies sitting on a dog sh*t. One fly says to the other 'Havent seen you for a while,where have you been?' He says 'oh ive been on the sick'.
  5. Adams3

    Best Short Joke Award

    Two snakes, one says to the other 'are we poisonous'?? The other says 'i dont know, why?' He says 'coz i just bit my lip'
  6. Adams3

    Ricky Gervais - Microsoft "training videos"

    Truly awesome, so so so funny!!
  7. Adams3


  8. Adams3

    England pics

    England team on their way home!! England vs Sweden!! A random sweden crowd!! A random england crowd!! lolol
  9. Adams3

    Bean flicking!

    Another good one imo!!
  10. Adams3

    Bean flicking!

    Me too, thats a odd video to find!!
  11. Adams3

    Sperm bank robbery

    Thats very good, and totally agree!!
  12. Adams3

    how good r ur driving skills

    Thats cool good find!!
  13. Adams3

    Loud mouth wife!!!

    A police officer pulled over a speeding car. The officer said, "I clocked you at 80 miles per hour, sir." The driver replied , "Gee, officer I had it on cruise control at 60; perhaps your radar gun needs calibrating. Not looking up from her knitting, the wife said, "Now don't be silly...
  14. Adams3

    The jellybaby and smartie joke

    Very good!! haha