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    Audi-sport RR day - 22nd November at AMD - result!

    Well done Wando & Jo for organising a great day & thanks to AMD for being the perfect hosts. The guys were very helpful & advice was flowing freely. I took advantage of the AMD DV offer including free fitting. I didn't expect to have my S3 on the RR, since I was 4th reserve, but...
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    Meeting Points for Audi-Sport RR on 22nd November

    I'm about to set off from sunny Lincoln. (Not too sunny at this time, but at least its not foggy like yesterday!!) - See you all soon.
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    Confirmed Details for Christmas Meet - Book Now!

    Hi folks what time do we meet at AMD next Saturday?
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    Confirmed Details for Christmas Meet - Book Now!

    put me down for the RR (reserve) - '02 S3 std 225 - also will go for the wheel alignment check - what about inviting Dentmaster - I have a small dent to be removed & maybe other members can have their car pampered too! - put me down for show & shine (if I have the dent removed!!)