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    Vw air bags

    Hi all I need driver and passenger air bags for a 2008 passat,I hear there are a couple of types is there? all so do I need the control module aswell or can the original be coded to suit the new bags,and one more do I need crash sensor or are they the type that reset themselves
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    Petrol to diesel????????

    Is there a lot to be done on the wiring side of things, if I was getting a doner engine what elce is needed from the diesel car regard the loom
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    Petrol to diesel????????

    Is it possible to put a Diesel engine into a petrol car I know its a shed load of work but will it work.
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    bleeding cooling system

    hi all ,i replaced my cooling rad due to a accident, what i need to know is when the car is running should there be pressure in the hoses connected to the rad or do i need to bleed the system its a 2007 a4 2.0tfsi