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    Best Loan / Courtesey cars you’ve had?

    A6 avant. ****** loved it.
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    Which VCDS to buy?

    Yeah I've got the App, the obd reader never seemed too good though. Which one do you have?
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    Which VCDS to buy?

    I want to buy a code reader, don't need to be able to do anything serious. Just read and clear reliably. Ideally from amazon. Cheers.
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    New series of Topgear.

    Some parts were good, certainly room for improvement when they find their feet. Its a shame they kept the old format though.
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    Is search broken?

    Okey dokey, cheers.
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    Is search broken?

    Every time I try and search the forum I get an error message, is it broken? Anyone else having issues?
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    I'd kill the bast**d if I caught him.

    holy crap what an arsehat!! Where did it happen?
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    What is your favorite breed of dog?

    Quiet ones.
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    Am I being too sensitive?

    That's appalling, hope it gets repaired beyond your expectations.
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    If you were a footballer which Audi would you go for

    RS3 3 Door, RS4 Avant, RS5 Coupe, R8.
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    Jaguar [new age] drivers. <rant>

    Assholes come in all shapes and sizes and drive all sorts of cars.
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    V Power Diesel

    Is it just a con? Or is there any true benefit to using it?
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    Post office Alternative

    Sold an induction kit today so need to sort courier, was planning to use myHermes but on a whim I decided to look at the Ts&Cs. They won't ship car parts, so they're off the table. Think collect+ are winning at the moment.
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    car park

    Is that the parking for clown school attendees?
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    What have you done that you wish had been caught on video??

    I was once stood on the sideline at at kids football match with my back to the action, talking to a couple of friends, the wife of the couple was holding their newborn baby. All of a sudden the match ball came flying towards us and for some reason (I hand't seen seen the ball) I put my hand up...
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    guy crashed courtsy rs4 at castle coombe

    Gutted, seen the vid before and story I read at the time was that it was his Dad's new car. Not sure which would be worse.