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    Alloys, tyres, rant, wanted, advice vent.

    18" AMG monblock alloy wheels pcd 5x112 in Plymouth | Used Volkswagen for sale | in Plymouth
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    how to remove seized rounded allen bolt?

    torx bit for me every time
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    Wading Depth

    i know, used to have a pajero for a tow car for my zx10r, 50/50 reclaimed chipfat/deisel mix 17mpg, had to sell it coz the bike was getting slower with all the weight i put on eating extra chip coz of the smell of the exhaust
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    Wading Depth

    this is becoming the norm now maybe going back to a 4x4 is the way forward.........
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    Wading Depth

    leave the car at home take a KTM, had a fantastic ride home tonight going past drivers that wouldn't go through the floods, exeter street, stuart road pennycomequick and tothill road, loads of fun