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  1. dbm

    Rice's S3

    No, I bought the car from Audi. I knew it had belonged to them, but I didn't know it was 'famous'. I found the video by chance, and recognised the number though it has a private plate on now. At least I know it has had adventures!
  2. dbm

    Rice's S3

    It's an awesome car. For a look, this really is my car: TG on ice: Subaru WRX & Audi RS3 - BBC Top Gear Though not me driving!
  3. dbm

    Rice's S3

    Very impressive job you've done on your S3 - makes me wistful for my own which has been gone about 6 years now. I had mine extensively modified by Awesome GTi and it was an incredible car in the end - coil overs, thicker anti-roll bars, uprated pads, braded hoses, Stage 1 chip and water...
  4. dbm

    power loss around 3250rpm...

    I had this problem on my S3 after it was remapped. After some investigations by Awesome GTi they recommended a new MAF, and this fixed the problem PDQ. Cheers Dan
  5. dbm

    My A3 beeped at me this morning!!

    It's probably the battery in the alarm system. This can start beeping if it is drawing power from the main battery, I believe. It happened occasionally in my car but there was never any issue as a result of it. Cheers Dan
  6. dbm

    What milege does your S3 have,

    Mine was a 2000X and had 95k miles on it when sold at the start of the year. Had the car heavily modified at 55k miles, and there was no negative impacts on reliability or long term running costs. Dan (now with a 5 week old 3.2Q and 2000 miles on the clock..)
  7. dbm

    Four beeps on start-up?

    [ QUOTE ] Excess weight in driver's seat warning! [/ QUOTE ] Cheeky Dan
  8. dbm

    Four beeps on start-up?

    Hello, I have an S3 and recently when I get in the car and start it up I hear four beeps which sound like they are coming from behind me. Has anyone else experienced this, and any one know what it might be? Thanks Dan
  9. dbm

    S3 Remap

    APR do a chip which is switchable via the cruise control stalk, and if you don't have cruise the guys will fit it at the same time for a little extra. Dan
  10. dbm

    Sensible offers for my S3 please!!!

    I thought that might be the case When I come to sell mine on it has lots of non-standard mechnical bits too so that won't be an option unfortunately... Cheers, Dan
  11. dbm

    Anyone raced a boxster?

    I've out dragged a boxter 80-100 in my modified S3 (APR Optimax, MillTek exhaust and cat) but that isn't a real test of a car. The big difference in my opinion between the S3 and the Boxter is the level of skill required to drive it quickly. You need to be more committed to drive a Boxter (or...
  12. dbm

    High miler S3s

    115k is the officialy recommended change distance for the timing belt on my car too. If you are planning to keep the car that long then you might as well get the job done at 80k for the peace of mind. If the belt goes it will trash all the valves in your engine as I understand it. Cheers, Dan
  13. dbm

    APR Cat/Downpipe - Audi S3

    [ QUOTE ] RichA3Turbo said: Not very.... at all! We did this on an A3 1.8T... measured 150 on teh road and 170 on the dyno. [/ QUOTE ] Sorry to be dense - what was the bhp calculated at using VAG-COM and what was the other measurement used for bhp? How confident are you of the non-VAGCOM...
  14. dbm

    APR Cat/Downpipe - Audi S3

    [ QUOTE ] Ess_Three said: Or 'thier' APR chip at 270+ BHP? [/ QUOTE ] To be fair, Pure had the APR Optimax chip as his only performance upgrade IIRC, and he registered 270bhp using the VAG-COM airflow equation. Do you have an opinion on how acurate measuring bhp that way is? Cheers, Dan
  15. dbm

    2001 210BHP S3 cambelt change

    From memory, it needs doing at 100k miles and costs around £350 at a main dealers. Most people seem to have it done at 80k to be on the safe side. Also, people recommend having the waterpump changed at the same time. My car is currently on 70k miles, so I'll be getting it done in another 10k...
  16. dbm

    In need of reassurance

    I've done 70k miles in mine, about 10k of those after modification. The only thing that has ever gone wrong on my car is a faulty memory module on the driver's airbag. Any prestige marque of car is going to be expensive to fix if you use a main dealer, though there are a fair number of...
  17. dbm

    Just how much quicker are S4's?

    A mate of mine had a B5 S4, and though we never actually raced, we did ride back to back in his standard S4 and my modified S3 (APR, Milltek and freeflow cat). We both reckoned there was nothing in it between the two cars. Dan
  18. dbm

    MPG: Corrado VR6 v S3

    In the long term, with a mix of hard and motorway driving I get 29mpg. Dan
  19. dbm

    What car did you have before S3? and what next?

    My cars to date:- 1.8 Austin Maxi (Gold coloured!) 1.5 Nissan Sunny 'Fast Back' estate 1.3 Escort XR3i Escort Convertable Rover 420 GSi Nissan 200SX Subaru Impreza 2000 Turbo AWD Audi S3 (now heavily modified) What next? Either an RS3, S4 of Porsche C4 in a couple of years time. Of those...
  20. dbm

    Hot weather on Performance

    Yep, heat makes a lot of difference. There are several solutions I have come across - bigger air intake, bigger intercoolers and cooling water jet. I'm going to give the wate jet solution a try! Dan