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    Anyone Noticed Audis' Design Flaw?

    It affects most hatcbacks/estates more than saloons, probably you don't normally see a rear wiper on a saloon because they don't need it half as much as hatch/estates.
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    Rear Facing Car Seats For Upto 4 Years Of Age

    Yea the recoil after the inital hit will cause problem, but I suppose it's which is worse, I'm sure the intial backwards movement in a rear end shunt is worse, hence headrestraints being the norm for past few decades, they're there for rear ends not to catch the recoil of a front impact. I...
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    Car Jacked! "Crime Hotspots" BR7 Chislehurst, south-east London TS28 Wingate, Durham IG4 Redbridge, east London DN7 Hatfield, Doncaster M3 Manchester city centre BS29 Banwell, Somerset BD1 Bradford city centre S2 Arbourthorne, Sheffield NP24 New Tredegar, Newport...
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    Rear Facing Car Seats For Upto 4 Years Of Age

    In rear impact, like arthufuxak said, you are jolted backwards. And move forward in front impact restrained by seat belts. Unless you mean the "secondary" reaction is that once you've intially shunted backwards you naturally come forward a bit again?