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  1. silversurfer

    What Colour Are Your Car Mats

    Hi, I've got a A4 S-line and was looking to get some car mats made by JustMatz. I was thinking of getting red ones to match the S-Line red, what do you reckon? or should I just go with grey or black mats with a S-line logo. If anyones got any pic's of Red mats in there Audi could you post...
  2. silversurfer

    Recaro Baby Seats.

    Just ordered the Recaro Young Expert Plus.. For the A4.. :yahoo:
  3. silversurfer

    Recaro Baby Seats.

    Being a bloke and into cars I'm look at getting a Recaro child seat for my son. I've short listed the 2 below which will be going in my A4 (B6) I was wondering if any one on here had one and if they would recommend them. Thanks Neil...