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  1. marktdisport

    well the a4 has gone now got myself a cupra

    Not having spigot rings if the hub diameter is different will cause vibration and shake the wheel nuts loose, have seen this happen before
  2. marktdisport

    Should I be getting wheel spin?

    remember if it does start slipping 1. you may break down and 2. you could damage the flywheel causing more money in the long run...
  3. marktdisport

    Once there was wood

    love the matt black scott makes it very subtle indeed
  4. marktdisport

    Dropping MPG

    slowly failing maf possible have you used a ebay scanner or proper vagcom m8
  5. marktdisport

    Would an electronic boost controller solve my problem? Help please?

    your from manchester right ?????? try awesome gti top place top job and always willing to help it sounds like a cacky job done to me......
  6. marktdisport

    Tangerinedream's Next motor?

    some sweet motors there scott nice find
  7. marktdisport

    AAAArrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhh ****** cars.....etc

    look at it as it's done you a favour as paying for a oil cooler is much cheaper than a new engine m8.....
  8. marktdisport

    TDi (not so cold) starting problems...

    sorry scott was meaning to put fuel injector pump seals etc but bio still aint great stuff they tryed it in our truck and we had more recovery trucks in 1 week than in 10 yrs
  9. marktdisport

    TDi (not so cold) starting problems...

    think your signature says it all BIO DIESEL !!!! it will eventually eat every seal going.... this is probably why you getting issues.....injector seals etc !!!!
  10. marktdisport

    1000+BHP B5 1.8T

    mmm now thats fun....
  11. marktdisport

    Ideas for uprating a '00 1.9TDi (115)

    spot on m8..... perhaps a tdi 130 would have been more suited with a map to 160+bhp..... you would be spending loads to get 140+bhp from your spec bud
  12. marktdisport

    Audi a4 runs in to limp mode when turbo is boosting constantly on a straight!

    sounds like it needs the old mr muscle clean