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    Cheapest Place for New Tyres

    I found cheapest for goodyear eagle F1's late last year in 225/40/18 about £80 each delivered if i remember!
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    Tyre fitting charges

    £12 inc VAT at my local garage down the road, been quoted upwards of £20 from other places..
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    Service due - dealer or not?

    My S3 is due an interim service and DSG service. One local indy was £25 more than audi for those two, another local indy was £15 more for both, Audi is £159 & £139 fixed price, another garage a little further away with a good rep was £270 for both so a little less. For me its a no brainer, two...
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    Wheel refurb

    I just spoke to him via Facebook mate :) My local is quite active on there.
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    Wheel refurb

    I managed to get my local tws down to £300 for 18's. I think its a good price considering their service, a top quality finish done in a day for minimal disruption with a 12 month guarantee. Not sure what your locals like but mine does amazing work!
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    Audi SQ5 'DIESElL' - What are Audi doing to the S brand?

    I love RS looks, but when you see one, you expect it to be fast & loud, with the S series you get subtle looks with performance, my S3 probably doesn't look like anything special to the average joe, but they all get a shock when it flies off the traffic lights, some goon in a Nissan Juke clearly...
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    Why A3/S3

    I remember when i was on cliosport when i had my first car I always wanted a 172/182.. How times change…
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    Why A3/S3

    Remind me which golf is faster than an S3? The GTi golf uses the same engine as an A3 2.0TFSI. Ive had both a golf & and the Audi wins hands down on refinement and class. My golf was a workhorse. (it wasnt a Gti) The only golf that tends to divide opinion is the ED30 GTi (ive not heard many...
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    Paint-less dent removal - Anyone had any experience?

    Noticed today I've got a small carpark/trolley sort of dent in my front wing of my S3 :( Has anyone had any experience of using paint less dent removal guys, are they any good? If so can anyone recommend one that covers the Wirral area? To be honest id be surprised if it can't just be pushed...
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    Uh-oh Just found out my tyres are different!

    Number is just the load rating isnt it?
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    SPECS Speeding

    Speed awareness is 10% + 9mph for a first offence from most forces. Its 96mph isn't it before you say hello to a judge.
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    Problem after purchasing an audi. PLEASE HELP

    I suggest you go to a few other local dealers and ask them what they would market the car for and then expect to achieve of that value, get at least 3 as a minimum, however much less they offer i suggest you go at him for in compensation. How much was the car marketed for, we know you paid...
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    Problem after purchasing an audi. PLEASE HELP

    Surely that would have been obvious that it was a harmless plate change, as Audi didnt even make a sportback model of the A3 in 2003!!! The DVLA sell thousands of new reg style plates on their website.
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    Problem after purchasing an audi. PLEASE HELP

    5door is a sportback...
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    Problem after purchasing an audi. PLEASE HELP

    If they will let you reject the car then give it then back, but don't complain when you can't find another in the same condition/same spec for the same price, for those asking about what the figures i quoted where based on, it was a 2007 2.0 tdi sport :)
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    Problem after purchasing an audi. PLEASE HELP

    At £7600 it was probably slightly underpriced, heres two valuations from wise buyers and whatcar. If you wanted to keep the car & you got some compo from the dealer, you could be in for a bargain, bose or no bose! However as has been stated you may be able to hand the car back as it was mis...
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    Problem after purchasing an audi. PLEASE HELP

    Citizens Advice - The vehicle you bought doesn’t match its description This might help, it could however be a lengthy, long drawn out process that involves going to court, but give it a shot.
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    Problem after purchasing an audi. PLEASE HELP

    Owners doesn't really mean much on cars nowadays as long as its clean and well looked after. 3 owners again is nothing really, you might find that the first technical owner was an audi dealership if it was used as a demo/courtesy car. Im not sure on the legalities of it, but i think it is up to...