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  1. MrWhItEwOlF

    Interior light swap

    A quick search and I found this post that shows a picture of climate control in white
  2. MrWhItEwOlF

    Interior light swap

    also more infomation and help can be found on this post
  3. MrWhItEwOlF

    Interior light swap

    It can be done but requires soldering on new PLCC2 or PLCC4 leds and I done mine in green with transparent white paper for the digital screens but the leds are the same for the climate control/radio but you need to check as the digital screen on the climate control takes PLCC4s unlike the rest...
  4. MrWhItEwOlF


    great build so far :D I wish I could know someone in the scrapyard industry so I could get some actual Audi scraps which don't seem to exsist in my part of the world :( lol Not sure of the year but they are known as TT Mk2 air vents and they are so nice I got 2 sets of 4 (one for now and a set...
  5. MrWhItEwOlF

    Air vent mod

    I done the same mod and prefer the mk2 TT vents to the just full chrome versions of the A3/S3 :) also like Andy1608 has mentioned about the TT gear Knob it would look great but im holding that off till my next A3 as mine only goes up to 5th gear not 6th lol AUDI TT MK2 2007-CURRENT BLACK...
  6. MrWhItEwOlF

    2006 bad - very bad headlights

    The high beam bulb looks like its not sitting correctly for starters from the picture but I find the same thing with my light be it OEM bulbs or aftermarket "white" bulbs which is why im looking to save up and get a new car with xenon atleast :D
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    in thoery they would fit but I don't think they will be error free and wont be as bright as they show. Also the ones you got are more for like sidelights or indicators as they are 360 light view not angled. Your better getting in contact with T8UPS as he can also sell you red LED versions for...
  8. MrWhItEwOlF

    Audis In The Park 2012. List Thread

    Got my ticket and can't wait :D 1. cribbon - audi a4 b7 170 2. SmoothAssault - audi a4 b6 190 3. Bigblokey0 - Audi A3 8p 2.0 TFSI 4. ScottB5 - Audi A4 B5 1.9TDI Avant + Camping. 5. Jay A3- Audi A3 8l (Maybe camping) 6. CMD - A4 hotel 7. bigrich690 - Audi A4 b7 140 + camping(hopefully)...
  9. MrWhItEwOlF

    Sunvisor vanity lights

    Hello Jord, I know its nearly been a year but I was wondering if you managed to do this in the end or not? as im on the verge of having everything ready for the black headlining but would like to get the sun visor lights working as well thanks in advance for any reply recieved =] Sean
  10. MrWhItEwOlF

    Lava Grey - Grille Recommendation

    I got a FK automotive RS style black grille on my Lava Grey A3 and I really do prefer it to the old stock chrome and grey slotted one I used to have so If you got the money S3 optics grille go for it :D if not go to FK automotive as they have all sorts and some really cheap :) New Vs Old =]...
  11. MrWhItEwOlF

    Swap anybody??

    I wouldn't go and get them painted as that will cost a fortune for them to just spray "alloy silver" as you probably wont know the difference. I personally like the different colour look but not black if that makes sense lol I would suggest if you dont swap them is to just spray them yourself...
  12. MrWhItEwOlF

    hello from newbie with minor build thread (pic heavy)

    Hello Dan786 I do like the R32 but I would rather have an S3 :P as for the alloys I prefer the original ones as I like to keep with the same kind of alloys that audi produce (A3 with S4 or S5 alloys etc) and as mine is only a A3 I would be very happy with your S3 alloys lol As for the lambo...
  13. MrWhItEwOlF

    red carbon wrapped s3

    FCD AUDI A3 S-LINE Project RED Carbon- Car Wraping - YouTube This look alot better IMHO but for some reason I like it, maybe its just unique or the fact I would like this in dark green carbon :P haha
  14. MrWhItEwOlF

    FK sport grill

    I had mine done just after christmas and love it :) but after only having the grille on about 3months its already seems to be fading :\ it may look like dirt but it seems that the grille is not black ABS plastic but lightly sprayed :( either that or someone who was jealous done something...
  15. MrWhItEwOlF

    A3 04 Dash clock (time) keeps changing??????AAAAARRRRRR????

    I agree with NHN verdict that its just the Battery and the alternator in a car I always thought charged the battery back up? and also from my dad who thought of it before me when I started having issues said straight away without me evening finishing the sentence that the battery needs replacing...
  16. MrWhItEwOlF

    Help fitting my Sony head unit to my Audi A3

    Hello Twigger245, I had the same issue on my A3 which had the concert head unit. I went through about 3 different versions and for the life of me I can't remember which one worked in the end but you need a certain wire loom that connects to both the two small blocks AND the longer block if...
  17. MrWhItEwOlF

    Reset service indicator 2006 8P

    If it is what I think it is the oil/service warning on the DIS is the same for my A3 8P 2006 there is a simple video on YouTube showing you what to do to reset the service indicator AUDI A3 instrument cluster oil lamp service interval reset AFTER 2003 - YouTube As for the instructions manual...
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    New Head Unit Installed - No Medium Wave

    This is similer to mine but I notice you got a Double Din head unit which I would of thought comes with the antenna on the roof and the dual FARKA connection as Sidhu has said as standard. But im guessing what you need is the part I need for my head unit which is the bit between the arieal and...
  19. MrWhItEwOlF

    New Head Unit Installed - No Medium Wave

    My single din came as Messiah's picture shows as the OEM so only needed the part I said in my comment but i think the FAKRA to din is needed for the 2DIN OEM head units
  20. MrWhItEwOlF

    Gaining interest for oil and coolant cap

    I prefer the R8 ones personally but im now on a hunt of making a washer bottle one similier to this one just not carbon fibre lol