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    Facelift UK RS3 Saloon/SB (400ps) Order Thread...

    Hi I don't live in Dundee area, between Perth and Edinburgh but will look out for you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Facelift UK RS3 Saloon/SB (400ps) Order Thread...

    Don't know for sure but I take easy for about 500 miles or so. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Facelift UK RS3 Saloon/SB (400ps) Order Thread...

    Hi all , picked my new RS3 last night from Dundee Audi. Spec includes Catalunya Red Matrix headlights, B&o, Privacy glass, Folding mirrors, Tps monitoring, SS seats, Drove home about 30 miles and I have to say very impressed with the matrix headlamps way better then the standard Leds on my old...
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    Facelift Rs3 sportback Delivery date

    Hi Guys, Been lurking in the back ground for a long time now, I have had 4 s3s over the years, and always read the forums. I have taken the plunge and ordered a new RS3, got a build date 31st July, I checked this morning on track your order, the car is now in transit to the dealer, starting to...
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    VCDS Supplier

    Hi Nigel, Can you contact me regarding the purchase of a cable. Thanks
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    It a power thing!

    Yes (probably, if not skiing) Estoril/Black M3 coupe
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    SOS! Help with funky smell and smoke-- A4 Avant

    £60k is silly money. More than a 911. Helping me make up my mind about my change-over strategy in the interim, though. Had it been sensible money, available in March/April, I would have had a dilema (assuming I am one of the favoured few). As it is, I will go with the standard (Estoril) one...
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    Xenon Headlights

    <font size="2" face="verdana,Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Yeah, but apart from that...
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    where have the forums gone?

    <font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">Is this not the default setting, though? When I asked my dealer, they did not actually know how to do it, and it was only when I experimented that I worked out the above sequence (I don't think its in the manual). That suggests to me that the default...
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    Audi RSR

    Any examples of Bluewater to look at? I was getting keen on Silverstone (BTW I do not believe that they have a paint process problem - probably reserving the colour for a limited edition, e.g. CSL?)..
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    Audi RSR

    Not nearly as nice as Silverstone, IMO