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    Engine mangement

    Hi, engine management light came on Friday. Had someone out to read it today this was the fault. He recommended cleaning out the throttle position sensor myself? Is it an easy task or a garage job. Cheers
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    Had this come up on dash?

    Hi, no nothing I know of had the car 2 years. I do have an aux lead plugged into the outlet that’s all
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    Had this come up on dash?

    Driving home and this popped up on dash and is still there when I press mode button. Any ideas? Cheers
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    Agm battery charger

    Evening all, I’m just wondering which charger would be suitable for my agm battery. 10amp? Due to some family issues overseas the car has been left for at least four months sadly. Cheers for any help
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    Ok thanks. I heard about the coding some at yes some say just straight swap?
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    Hi, my stop start battery has given up the ghost . I can’t seem to find a 68ah battery nearest is 70ah I’m assuming this would be ok as it’s higher not lower. Thanks for any advice
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    Advice please

    Thanks for that much appreciated
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    Advice please

    Anyone know where I can get this ballast? All I can find is 8KO941597 E I need one ending in C. Audi want £337.00 lol
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    Dead end

    So today I got round to changing the dipped headlight bulbs in 2012 black edition. The last idiot had cut the arch out to change the passenger bulb. This is where I had problems as water got in as the rubber light cap was off and the bulb went out. Right side working fine, replaced new bulb in...
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    Newbie needing help please

    Hi, only had the car 7 months and the passenger dipped bulb went. I went in through the wheel arch as mentioned in some posts. I plan to change both. My question is do indeed to take the green fitting off and attach to the new bulb so it will lock back in to the bulb harness? Thanks for any help