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    Bilstein B8(comfort), which springs?

    Thanks for the prompt reply. I'm lowered on H&R springs with stock shocks from 40k-117k kms now and it's time to upgrade. Assuming since they're already 25mm shorter than stock struts they will work well with my 25mm/20mm lowering h&r spring kit. My car is bouncey as and I can tell by my wheel...
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    Bilstein B8(comfort), which springs?

    How'd you go? Installed and do you rate the green kit? Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    How To: Fit Aluminium S3 Pedals

    Good stuff. Looks good and it should all be like that from factory :)
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    How To: Fit Aluminium S3 Pedals

    all good. just take your time and don't rush it. I pulled a wire put of my connection and I thought it was the end lol. if you read back in this thread you'll see. good luck, nice quick mod if all goes well.
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    How To: Fit Aluminium S3 Pedals

    Hey man Never had an issue with error codes once mine was connected. This was for my a3 8p, but I got my pedals of the checzh site. You'd want to make sure the pedal has the dsg click button on the acceleration pedal if your car is a dsg (I'd assume it is since we're talking of limp mode) If...
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    Black Leather Door Armrest Covers (eBay) - Opinions Wanted

    if anyone still looking...ebay for one last set left for a 5dr 8p... item in Poland. my set is currently on its way.
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    Audi S badge sticker inlay?

    I bought a black S badge of eBay and it is slightly smaller than the oem red s badge. So in case you're thinking of doing that make sure you get the number 3 so it's the same size as the S.
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    Anyone know which Alloys these are ?

    Had these rs4 19s on my 8ps. They look great when clean but as soon as they dirty they are hard to admire imo. I found they only look good from certain angles. They come optional in Australia with the 8vs. Bur they do look aggressive from the right angles. Few pics when I had em fitted.
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    What did you and your 8p do today? :)

    A good interior wipe down n vac clean today for the s3
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    A3/S3 Photos Thread

    Amateur edit from Mt Franklin Victoria Oz, my first countryside drive in the s3 with stage 2+ what a drive :)
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    A38p 2.0tsi remap

    it did with my a3 8p stage 1 revo map. had to take it back to garage to get it turned back on. no cost of course as I already paid for remap.
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    A38p 2.0tsi remap

    possibly. give em a buzz to double check for piece of mind
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    A38p 2.0tsi remap

    just a thought if you feel it's unsafe to drive. hope you get it sorted out so you can enjoy your remap
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    Photoshot: Widebody RS3 Transformation - Sepang Blue w/ 275-30-19 :)

    admire your build so much dedication. good job
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    A38p 2.0tsi remap

    if you want to see if it does this on stock set up disconnect and reconnect your battery. this will reset the map back to stock settings. otherwise drive as is til the 15th.
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    My matte grey S3

    noice to see some TLC for the interior after all that's where we view our cars majority of the time never seen the yellow stitching before looks good. get a quote on yellow resticting on the recaros?
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    Audi 8p A3 - S3/RS3 grille

    or what issue did you have?
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    Audi 8p A3 - S3/RS3 grille

    hey nhn what issue u have with the sensors? are u referring to the rs3 grille from xenon?
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    What bumper/grill combo is this?

    Here's one in red... 5door tho this link has more details than the first one I linked u