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  1. Bobwas4

    Facelift Sportback third brake light removal?

    Has anyone attempted a third brake light change? Is it a spoiler off job? Thanks in advance. :)
  2. Bobwas4

    Upgraded clutch for s3 manual

    No I'm in London I'm getting it delivered and fitting it down here :D
  3. Bobwas4

    Upgraded clutch for s3 manual

    Ecotune sell updated Sachs clutches for golf r/ s3 they only have 2 on the website but I phoned and they now do a 6 paddle clutch which should be easier to drive as a daily but can handle between 460 and 470 lb/ft of torque which is plenty! I have just ordered this!! Il let you know how it is...
  4. Bobwas4


    i was recommend by dtuk to put it on map 3 as the torque curve is more spread out. and it has helped massively.
  5. Bobwas4

    Just been a victim of being keyed :(

    1st off what absolute A@@@Hole done this!!! also it looks to me its gone past paint... :( if so as its a metallic car the body shop will need to repaint both doors I got quoted £250 for a bonnet. I think you'll be looking at £400/500 ish for repaint.
  6. Bobwas4

    Anyone with VWR R600 Intake??

    Hello fellow Audi lovers hope all is well? I have a random question? If anyone else on here runs a VWR R600 intake have you ever cleaned it and then re oiled it? I can't find my documentation regarding maintenance with what oil to use etc after cleaning the foam part. Can any of you lovely...
  7. Bobwas4

    Home security cameras?

    I would recommend it I caught this k**b lifting our top stone off our drive wall and nearly hitting my s3. The JOYS of south London!!
  8. Bobwas4

    Vcds request?

    hello alex I have sent you an email with the autoscan attached. let me know if you find anything :) cheers fella :D
  9. Bobwas4

    Vcds request?

    Yes I have tried everything and still nothing do you think it could be to do with component protection??
  10. Bobwas4

    Vcds request?

    Unfortunately change byte 11 to 11 does not work I now have no sound.
  11. Bobwas4

    Vcds request?

    I have worked out if I change byte 11 to FF it will enable but will flag up an error of being incorrectly coded.
  12. Bobwas4

    Vcds request?

    My question is, is that I'm trying to enable subwoofer control on my mmi, I have enabled the pins for the sub and center speaker and they work but the sub is not terribly loud without the sub control? I was hoping to see someone with tech pack and Audi sound system to compare coding to try and...
  13. Bobwas4

    Vcds request?

    hello lovely Audi owners hope your all well? I have a request if there is anyone local to London may I ask of your better nature? Basically I need someone with a car that has tech pack and Audi sound system? All I want to do is look at how it's coded with vcds so I can copy it to my...
  14. Bobwas4

    Bang & Olufsen v's Audi Sound System

    I know this is an old thread but may I ask any of you lovely people with "AS S" and tech pack for your coding? Or if your local enough may I check your coding out for the infotainment system? Hopefully you can help?
  15. Bobwas4

    Spotters Thread For 8V Chassis

    Is that goals in Beckenham?
  16. Bobwas4

    S3, bored after 6 months...HELP!

    yes agreed. yeh i would recommend a stage 1 or a tuning box from dtuk. you may rekindle the love for this cool and understated car
  17. Bobwas4

    I don't think this has been asked before, but Where are the Extra 4 speakers on the B&O?

    yes same but the subwoofer is in the parcel shelf. apparently however those 4 extra speakers are "surround sound" which you only really benefit from if you spec the tech pack to watch movies on.
  18. Bobwas4

    S3, bored after 6 months...HELP!

    tte450 turbo? which lets be honest is prob more reliable than the stock turbo. and you get the bonus of around 450bhp. i love my s3 but i guess its different strokes for different folks. i love the fact its a wolf in sheep clothing. and with stage 2 will wipe the smiles off the faces of people...
  19. Bobwas4

    Audi A3 sound system

    The bang and olufson is twin coil hence why it has 4 pins in its connector. I can't speak on how it's connected and weather it would work with the standard head unit!!!
  20. Bobwas4

    Upgrading headlights to LED or DRL

    if you have standard halogen units this is going to be VERY expensive. you will headlights level sensors and turning sensors light washers and i know the led units work with the sat nav so you may need a new headunit :/