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  1. essIII

    New S3 on Top Gear

    As much of a **** as RealMan on page 2 of the comments?! "The driver's car is BMW135i. It will eat the S3, A45 AMG and won't be enough for breakfast. Buy a Mini if you cant't afford 135i and get Class plus performance and respect. S3 is ugly, same shape for 14 years, it's drab, aweful to drive...
  2. essIII

    New S3 2013

    I couldn't quite believe it when I took my OEM downpipe off - my initial reaction was something like "what the hell has happened to this - have I managed to drive over a hammer, suck it up into my engine bay and then have it repeatedly bray the crap out of my downpipe?? Oh, it's meant to look...
  3. essIII

    official new s3

    They remind me of the ones found in the Leon Cupra: Personally, I think I'd like to have sex with them.