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  1. batwad

    cracked !

    Why wouldn't you go through insurance? £75 is a bargain compared to the full price. If you need time to save up, leave it until your MOT is due as it would be a failure.
  2. batwad

    R8 Diesel...

    At a guess, a very large bag of spanners being shaken very hard.
  3. batwad

    Fitting A3 Optics Grill?

    Optics in your car? It's illegal to drink and drive you know?
  4. batwad

    How Much Do The Dealers Charge For...

    Wiper blades? I've bought mine from eBay in the past, three genuine Bosch blades for a tenner.
  5. batwad

    Lambo'd S3

    Too low. The front wheel looks daft.
  6. batwad

    A couple of modded S3's.

    Carbon fibre bonnets look terrible.
  7. batwad

    Sportback courtesy car

    Warranty job for me John, so I've no idea how much it cost :thumbsup: They had the car for about two hours, but I doubt they were working on it all that time. I wouldn't call it unrefined, no. Did you drive the same car, with the new 2.0 TDi engine (170bhp I think)? I thought it was smooth...
  8. batwad

    Is Audi a wide-boy brand now ?

    I blame the parents.
  9. batwad

    Sportback courtesy car

    I should also have mentioned the fact I was impressed with the Bose sound system.
  10. batwad

    Sportback courtesy car

    While my 8L A3 was in the hands of Bedford Audi to have the drivers' door lock mechanism replaced I got to bomb around in an '07 2.0 TDi Sportback. I did ask the lady from servicing if I could have an RS4 as a courtesy car, but apparently they were all out already :( Still, the A3 was rather...
  11. batwad

    DSG (Top Gear mag latest take)

    ***yawn*** Not this one again :rolleyes:
  12. batwad

    DSG (Top Gear mag latest take)

    Gosh yes, owning a car is such a chore. I employ a butler to sign a couple of forms for me once a year just to make it bearable.
  13. batwad

    Hit A F'ing Rock & Tyre Is Screwed! Is It Really Bad?

    New tyre time! I've been recommended by a couple of mates.
  14. batwad

    Sportec RS300 S3

    Someone get a hankie, that car's got a runny nose!
  15. batwad

    oh no, one of the fixings broke!

    One of mine sheared off and I just superglued it back on as the break was quite clean. I'm more cautious removing the mats now :)
  16. batwad

    2008 spec

    What's the point of the clutch starting thing? Sounds a bit daft to me.
  17. batwad

    S3 Races?

    Quote of the day :lmfao:
  18. batwad

    Is it my driving or what?

    25mph in 5th can be a bit of a chugfest; I wouldn't expect to get anywhere fast doing that. Much better to drop it to 4th for trundling at that speed or 3rd if you want some more fun :)
  19. batwad

    Optional bucket seats on S3

    Sorry, but who buys a car from new and specs sports seats without trying them out first? Is it just me who thinks that's daft?
  20. batwad

    My new Sportback

    Great stuff Dave, sound like you're chuffed to bits :icon_thumright: I hope she's as good as the last one was to you ;)