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  1. batwad

    Dirty vans......

    Seen on the back of a grubby Citroen Xantia: "I wish my nephew was this dirty."
  2. batwad

    Herbal Cigarettes.

    Rocketed one at a festival once. What a waste of £1.50 that was.
  3. batwad

    Jaguar XF / Daewoo Leganza

    No, looks much more like the new Mondeo. New Mondeo New Jag New Mondeo New Jag
  4. batwad

    Alfa Romeo GTV 3.0 V6

    Funnily enough I'm just starting to look at V6 GTVs but I think I'm swaying dangerously towards getting a Spider for a bit of fun over the summer. Both are gorgeous motors. £6k sounds quite a bit for a GTV though, when you can pick up decent Spiders for that money.
  5. batwad

    DVD's you HAVE to own!

    Memento is a good one to have on DVD so you can watch it through, get confused then watch the special feature that re-orders the scenes so it all makes sense. Great film.
  6. batwad

    Work/employment dilemma

    Why were the agency providing the reference? You weren't working for them, and I'm guessing they don't even have a remote clue what you actually do. Get somebody with whom you've worked directly to provide you a reference.
  7. batwad

    Fuel prices

    Wasn't it the chief of BP who said something like "we only sell fuel to get people in the shop so they buy a Mars Bar"?
  8. batwad

    i want a go............

    :) :) :)
  9. batwad

    New Bugatti Veyron

    I bet it's a bitch to keep clean.
  10. batwad

    Do you believe in... aliens?

    Nickynibbles, that's a very probing question :jester: To all those that feel that there must be some other life out there, just because the universe is so big: why is it that you feel that way? Why is that more appealing?
  11. batwad

    R8 on Fifth Gear tonight

    It's on now, so chop chop.
  12. batwad

    Do you believe in... aliens?

    Yes, and I was scared of being anally probed, but they told me that you'd been in for it so often you'd actually broken the probe so they couldn't do me.
  13. batwad

    Do you believe in... aliens?

    Have I ever seen a fairy at the bottom of my garden or any proof of their existence? No. Do I believe in fairies? No. Have I ever seen a God or any proof of that one exists? No. Do I believe in God? No. Have I ever seen an alien or any proof of that they exist? No. Do I believe in...
  14. batwad

    Santa Pod = loud

    I work about two miles away from Santa Pod. According to their website, today and this weekend sees: They're so loud, it sounds like they're right outside the window! I can only wonder what they must sound like close up. Good job it only takes them about four seconds to get down the strip!
  15. batwad

    Fantasy Football

    It's certainly been an interesting start to the season with quite a few unforeseen results (e.g.: Villa 2, Chelsea 0) Time to get my team ship-shape!
  16. batwad


    Got it on the 360; great fun. I love the telekinesis thingy - you can put people's hats of their head from the other side of the room and throw them back at them! Agree, it's pretty scary in parts.
  17. batwad

    Dirty vans......

    Spotted this morning, scrawled in the back of a Slovakian artic: "I'm full of illegal immigrants"
  18. batwad


    Anyone been to or going to any festivals this year? I'm just packing my bag to head off to Wales for the weekend for The Green Man Festival. Sleeping bag...check! Tent...check! Wellies...check! Cagoule...check! See you on Monday :salute:
  19. batwad

    The Power Of Photoshop

    I'd hit that.