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  1. wyliss

    Cluster removal

    My speedo is giving false readings. I have disconnected the battery for a reset and for a while it works. After say .5 day it sticks on 40 and starts from there, weird. Any resolution to this?
  2. wyliss

    Engine Covers

    Cheers for that pjm, will most certainly bare that in mind. Wish I knew last week as I've just purchased battery cover and brake fluid cover. The battery cover has just arrived in stock but I am awaiting the other part which covers the brake fluid res. Question is I've just placed the battery...
  3. wyliss

    Engine Covers

    Will part No.3 fit the B7?. Also how easy is it to fit?. Is just a case of slotting it into place? Thanks
  4. wyliss

    Centre arm rest - broken clip...

    Mine too has snapped. I though you may have just been able to replace the clip. I suppose £40 isnt bad from the stealers. How do you replace it?, is it a simple job? Thanks
  5. wyliss

    I need some B6 1.8TQ Questions Answered

    You get about bub !.........nice to see you floating between the two !!
  6. wyliss

    Xenon conversion...

    Hi, I believe that you cannot get real xenons without the fitted headlamp wash wipe system................I think all that is changed is th e colour of light etc..........
  7. wyliss

    A4 Cabriolet : Anybody thinking of selling their 2003 1.8T Sport ?

    If you are please let me know...currently in the market for one. I am a member of the TSN forum and have been for sometime.....It good to see some of the comments on here re your cars etc..........plenty of help and advice...brilliant.