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  1. snowball1969

    Rims just back

    cheers for that CMD, they do look good thou Paul
  2. snowball1969

    Rims just back

    U may off missed the question earlier where did you get them down and how much where they as I am planning on getting my refurb
  3. snowball1969

    Rims just back

    where did you get it down as I am looking to do my wheels too and how much did it cost
  4. snowball1969

    Knocking under load

    is this a 4 wheel drive if so the prop shaft could be the culprit
  5. snowball1969

    whats this pipe?

    just replace it. wouldn't even try to work out what it does
  6. snowball1969

    a4 cab MPG

    going by this spec it would be right, 2003 AUDI A4 1.8T SPORT 2DR MULTITRONIC LOVELY CAR Then select the tab Performance and Economy
  7. snowball1969

    Carbon Fibre rear bootlid spoiler

    chavtastic, dont waste your money, concentrate on the important things like tryes decent breaks, mechanicals and so on, far better to spend on that then putting a spoiler on the back that really doesn't do anything or match in my opinion.
  8. snowball1969

    to service or not to.........

    to be honest if you are doing small milage complete once a year, I have done 20000 miles this year and completed two oil changes my self and plan to give to Audi to have a good going over as their prices seem not so bad. But at the end of the day its up to you
  9. snowball1969

    2.5 v6 tdi engine mount swap

    you could be lucky by just undoing the bolts then jack engine up slightly so that the mount can be removed and then the new can be placed, admittedly I did this on a nissan micra but hey u never know hehe
  10. snowball1969

    Audi A4 PD 130 Sport Condenser Question

    Front bumper is easy to take off, agree with Quattro tony if you gonna play have you got the equipment to collect the old refrigerant and to dispose to, get the expects in, far safer and for £70 you get a proper job done
  11. snowball1969

    Is it me or is it slow to pull away

    will give it ago thanks for that
  12. snowball1969

    Is it me or is it slow to pull away

    so where do I need to check that out, any how to guides, Cheers
  13. snowball1969

    Cleaning out Intake Manifold and EGR

    I be interested how peeps got to the 3rd bolt by the cam cover as I couldn't get any thing in there to undo it, I had to remove the cam cover and one of the bolts to the pipe that comes from underneath the EGR before I could get access to the 3rd bolt. re intake I didn't even attempt this as I...
  14. snowball1969

    Is it me or is it slow to pull away

    Hi, Got an A4 Avant 1.9 tdi 130 sport on a 54 plate, lately i've noticed that the car when pulling from traffic lights or from a junction there is a delay when pulling off is this a standard thing for this car or is there something wrong. I did a code check from local garage no faults...
  15. snowball1969

    EGR Bypass

    has anyone got any pix, dummy guide of how to remove EGR and intake to clean
  16. snowball1969

    Toebar on quattro?

    I have the same as lostbok, westfalia detachable, and the bumper still required some minor modification to allow clearance for tow bar which is hardly noticeable (is if you know what you are looking for), but I think the problem you are going to have is that your lower bumper sticks out a lot...
  17. snowball1969

    Group buy for Weitec and KW coilovers

    love to but times are hard sorry no can do
  18. snowball1969

    Got to put this one to the vote

    chrome, black looks awful
  19. snowball1969

    DIS Error messages, but no faults found!!

    possible that your brake lights are not working, common fault brake light switch worth checking as when mine went my DIS went mental
  20. snowball1969

    Looking at B6 A4 TDi 130 Avant - found one and would like advice

    ops ment to say I contacted them sounded them out first to explain I was coming a long way and just wanted honest, you can generally tell if they know the car or not, if its well I don't know or hmmm will have to come back to you, then you know they dont really know the cars history Hope this helps