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    Transfer box oil leak

    Despite the noise 'obviously' coming from the offside it turned out to be the nearside. Got the NSF whee bearing cx. It was like a getting a new car, didn't realise how bad it was as the failure was so gradual!!
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    Transfer box oil leak

    This is called the bevel box as far as audi is concerned. Its fed oil from the gearbox but has it's own drain plug. I have a leak there too and also a rumble which sounds like my front RH wheel bearing, which I cant fault. Going to check g box level tomorrow as I have a feeling the oil feed to...
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    Where've I gone wrong?

    Thanks guys. Not had the alginment checked yet. The 1.8t sport suspension is a little different to the S3, not able to adjust (mess up) the camber as only one position available as far as I could tell. But like you say could be the toe... although it doesn;t pull to one side hands off. I...
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    Where've I gone wrong?

    Hey, Just finished lowering my quattro sport 1.8T last week with the eibach prokit. Went in for an MOT yesterday, which ended up having the offside front CV boot being changed. It now drives with a 20 degree offset in the steering wheel, but tracks perfectly straight if hands off. I'm sure it...
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    ICE help...Which wire?

    How do guys? I'm in the process of fitting an in dash eq. I've spliced into the 'remote on' for the OE sub to remote on the EQ, but it turns on as soon as the ignition is turned on regardless of whether the Concert HU is on or not. Is this normal or is there a wire I can use from the HU that...
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    Suspension question!

    22mm or 21mm but you'll need to use a deep offset spanner to allow you to insert a 7mm hex key into the centre to stop the whole lot spinning winth the nut. Hope this helps
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    Suspension Removal/refit??

    Hi, I've looked all over for a 'how to' guide to remove and refit the suspension struts / shocks / springs on the A3 quattro and A3 in general with no luck. Can anyone point me in the right direction. I understand there may be some special tooling required, can anybody advise? Thanks
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    Wheel upgrade size limit?

    HI, I have a 2002 quattro on 16" wheels at the moment. Would like some RS4's or TT's. Can the car take 18" wheels or would 17" be the limit?
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    Speaker Fun!?!

    Having just got my 2002 quattro 3 door i need to get the ice up to scratch. Can anybody help me in deciding the best routing for the amp power cable? To avoid damaging the interior... What size speakers fit into the OE positions and how do you best access them, including the front tweeters...