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    new engines in!! lots of pics.

    SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!! gutted i couldnt make it, well done lads! just dont upgrade anything now lol.
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    Red filter in Dash/speedo clocks

    if you get me pics of the inside circuits i can tell if i can solder the SMD LEDs for you.
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    Brakes to put you through the windscreen, overkill oh yes!!

    Perfect fit mate! they look the dogs! well done wish id gone for the larger 996 calipers now too lol ;)
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    Operation German Missle

    WOW! that looks the dogs! what are the expected figures and times? is it available to buy? is it drop in or is major modification required to make it all fit? is this Issam from INA Engineering?
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    snub mount!

    lol im glad im not the only one thats had special customer service!
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    better exhaust manifold?

    bargain price ive got the original ATP cast iron and agree with Mark. i paid £299 for mines!
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    New Cat, Odd deposits on lambda?

    just replaced mines a few days back and it had the same white coating on the sensor. think its normal mate, mine hadnt been replaced since buying the car also 12 years old now.
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    My S4, now rolling on Bentley GT splits!

    if you paid a decent wedge might as well stick with them! :thumbsup: noggy blue and silver/chrome has always been a bling combo! liking it alot.
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    My S4, now rolling on Bentley GT splits!

    the wheels look bling makes the whole car look more chunkier? i agree with Siena, get some suitable audi centre caps. also you need the chrome mirrors now then its complete! other than that mate well done fella! :applaus:
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    good lad for giving him a good old pasting! most of the time the soft approach doesnt work unless your bribing them! if that was me mate i wouldn't have even called the pigs, would've dragged his sorry *** back and dumped him in the boot and left him somewhere! that would've taught him a life...
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    just rang his number, but it just kept ringing then eventually went to answerphone. hope the stupid feds havent arrested him instead!
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    1.8 T lump wanted

    hi mate, is there no chance of getting it rebuilt?
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    paddle shift possible?

    might seem like a rather daft question as i have no idea how a paddle shift system works but is it possible to have it on our cars?
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    My car been STOLEN

    PM sent!
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    My car been STOLEN

    Count me in!
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    veesix doh feckit.

    yeh thought that too i just replaced mines takes 5mins to do but buy the genuine audi part as some of the 3rd party ones n crap!
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    veesix doh feckit. it could be a number of things and the guessing wont help until you get your hands on vagcom so you can look for any codes.
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    veesix doh feckit.

    if you have a vagcom do a scan, you can also try a Throttle body aligment. by your description it looks like the throttle body sensor. but first try a vag scan and alignment.
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    My car been STOLEN

    the cops in this country are a joke! they dont want to solve crimes its too hard and it involves using there brains! but give them a speeding camera and there up for it anytime. they spend more time trying to catch people speeding than catching the criminals. i almost lost it with them earlier...