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  1. Cerbera9

    Hydrosilex Recharge experience or advice?

    Does anyone have any experience or advice on using Hydrosilex Recharge please?
  2. Cerbera9

    Yes another pressure washer question

    Nilfisk Excellent range have longer hoses than Karchers and all metal motors.
  3. Cerbera9

    Poorboys World products

    Tbh you have to cherry pick good products from each brand. If you find Poorboys works for you then stick with them, if you fancy experimenting just get one or two products from another brand. I find Megs tyre dressing gel and the Megs ultimate Compound pretty good. I like the Poorbiys black...
  4. Cerbera9

    Poorboys World products

    I use several of the Poorboys products over the years as well as other brands, I find they have a good range and reasonable pricing, easy to use especially that most of them can be used and removed easily when its sunny/warm. Yes there probably better products out there depending on which...
  5. Cerbera9

    Recommend Cleaning Products

    Sealants won't go on top of a wax as they won't bond to the surface as intended, your wasting your time. Any more than two coats of wax and usually you will end up stripping one coat as you apply the next. Usually just better to apply two coats of the same wax rather than mixing waxes and...
  6. Cerbera9

    Recommend Cleaning Products

    Why would you try put another wax or sealant over a wax??