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  1. batwad

    Britain=RAG ORDER

    I'm just an average Joe; no connection with the forces, the courts, the government or politics. I believe in common sense, respect and moderation. I object to fascism, racism and extremism - things which the BNP put high on their agenda. The intention of my post was to remind people that...
  2. batwad

    Britain=RAG ORDER

    Well it's hard not to agree with something that's been so carefully crafted to appeal to everybody that it's completely lost all meaning! This isn't the sort of guff that a political party suitable for running the country should be putting out. It sounds like the sort of pseudo-politics that...
  3. batwad

    Britain=RAG ORDER

    It most certainly is not.
  4. batwad


    I hate the man.
  5. batwad

    IT contractor umbrella companies

    That's terrible news. You should name and shame the umbrella and whoever recommended them to you! Any particular reason why you're not running your own LTD? Try for moral support and experienced advice.
  6. batwad

    The Welcome Section WHORES! you know who you are...

    Go to Search for post whore Go to page 5 Recognise the 8th result?
  7. batwad

    When you be nice to people....

    I find this sometimes too as my daily commute has a lot of side roads joining a busy single carriageway. The worst ones are the ones that you flash from miles away but don't start moving until you're practically on top of the junction, forcing you to stop when you only needed to slow down :scared2:
  8. batwad

    A quick note to Gordon Brown

    Dear Mr. Brown, R.e.: When you take over the running of this country please could you ensure the government return to the rather important business of running the country rather than squabbling over coupons send to its customers. I think...
  9. batwad

    London 2012. Logo unveiled...

    Did anyone see the goatse logo that the BBC proudly displayed on their site (and which I also saw on News 24) that got mysteriously pulled? :lmfao:
  10. batwad


    Littering boils my ****. I gave one of my mates a right ear-bashing the other week when he lobbed a carrier bag with the remnants of his lunch out of the car window.
  11. batwad

    meaningless posts

    While I'm a great believer in free speech there are times when I wish spouting aimless drivel was a punishable offence.
  12. batwad

    Microsoft Vista and third party applications

    Could you use your phone as a modem over BlueTooth? The speed won't be great, but it'd be better than nothing (I guess).
  13. batwad

    Stupid Car Names

    Best named: Senator
  14. batwad

    Stupid Car Names

    SsangYong Kryon is my favourite ludicrously named car, shortly followed by the Rexton.
  15. batwad

    Bought vs. Brought

    Aaaaaaaaaactually, that's correct usage. Complimentary means either "given free of charge" or "praising". Complementary on the other hand is used to describe how things go together (e.g.: "he wore a blue shirt and complementary trousers").
  16. batwad

    Drivers who warm their car up on a cold morning

    I may have dreamt this, but don't Ford have some sort of patent or something on heated front screens?
  17. batwad

    Drivers who warm their car up on a cold morning

    :thumbsup: Great rant dude. I defrost with warm tap water, so no idling for me!
  18. batwad


    Shows like Skins just make me wish I had a decent supply of :drag: Far too depressing :(
  19. batwad

    Bought vs. Brought

    Good shout Jason, that one always gets me going. I swear a mate of mine does it deliberately to wind me up :shutup2: People who say "should of" instead of "should have" also get my goat.
  20. batwad

    Why is it so F--in hard to open carrier bags???

    Has nobody else figured out that all you need to do is lick your thumb and index finger to be able to open bags easily?