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    my noggy

    lol very random haha
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    Washing the New A3

    I'm using Maguiars Quick Clay with Detailing lubricant and usually just wipe away then polish with Poor Boys BH
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    Washing the New A3

    I swear theres no need to wash and dry after clayying? Or is that just for your peace of mind? You polish it after clayying anyway so no need to wash/rinse again as the residue should be taken off from the micro fibre cloth with a simple wipe
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    Washing the New A3

    Its a bit excessive washing the car again after its been claybarred I think. It should only take a wipe from the micofibre cloth to remove residue. I usually follow this routine: Do I need to wash my car after I use detailing clay to clay the paint? - Auto Geek Online Auto Detailing Forum
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    Snow foam lance advice

    Which snow foam is better... the AutoBrite one or the one from Clean Your Car? They look almost identical and both heavy duty lances?
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    Swirls/ Spiders webs

    I've got Poor Boys Black Hole and also Poor Boys Natty Paste. Is this Natty paste enough to seal?
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    New to Waxing: Foam pad applicator or Microfibre Cloth?

    I better buy both then :) Nice one guys
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    New to Waxing: Foam pad applicator or Microfibre Cloth?

    Hey guys, novice washer here... used to always go to the 'scrape n rape washers' and have done some damage over the years with swirls etc :(Just a quick one....What's the difference between the Dodo Juice Basics Of Bling Microfibre cloth and the Meguiars soft foam applcicator pads. Are they both...
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    Whats the best shampoo to use on a black car?

    +1 for Meguiars gold class
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    £80k Bentley to a scrape and rape

    Oh dear haha