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  1. Cerbera9

    Post your B8 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    Private Registration No. C6 ENY Currently held on V778 retention certificate. BMW not included in the sale! 6x Bosch 06E906036G / 06E906036AJ Injectors Audi 3.0 TFSI S4 S5
  2. Cerbera9

    Rs4 rep alloys

    I used to run 19” R8 wheels with 57.1CB 8.5J et35 with a 15mm adapter spacer & longer bolts and they were fine. I sourced mine from Superforma Spacers
  3. Cerbera9

    Carbon clean - worthwhile?

    The Hydrogen carbon cleans are just Snake oil and a Complete waste of time. you need to have proper manual/walnut blasting carbon clean.
  4. Cerbera9

    B8.5 Quattro system?
  5. Cerbera9

    52mm gauge pod for a B8

    Contact Little Devil Gauges they may be able to help with what your after
  6. Cerbera9

    The latest view on S4 Brake upgrades?

    If your going stage 2 then invest in a BBK you won't regret it as the standard brakes are woefully inadequate regardless of which discs and pads are used. No point paying money to go faster if you can't stop!
  7. Cerbera9

    3G High 2020 Map Update

    Could someone please PM me the Magnet link to the 2020 maps?
  8. Cerbera9


    I had H&R ARB's with H&R lowering springs fitted for the last two years, really helps the handling can't fault them.
  9. Cerbera9

    What did you do to your audi today

    Finally got round to fitting the CWA100 charge cooling pump. Also fitted my new supercharger with Forge Pulley and dual nozzle Meth set up.
  10. Cerbera9

    S4 Brake caliper upgrade, 4/6/8 pot?

    I run Brembo 6pots from an Audi S8 and RS6 390mm discs, brackets needed a little modification and the set up works really well
  11. Cerbera9

    Help Please 19" 10j et42 will they fit??

    Yes they will fit, I run 19" 10J et38 with 275/35/19 tyres on H&R springs but I wanted a fatter tyre look, rubbing will depend on how low your running, IMO a 245/35/19 tyre on a 10J is too stretched and handles terribly.
  12. Cerbera9

    Has anyone in the uk got a CR15 strut brace?

    Hi Yes I made my CR15 style brace and it works perfectly. Sorry I can't make anymore at the moment whilst in lockdown. Speak to Mark Brodie @ Brotek as he imports CR15 braces amongst other things and often has group buys going.
  13. Cerbera9

    Stage 2 limit. (MRC)

    Anywhere between 435bhp and 504bhp depending on what dyno you put it on. Don't get too hooked up on chasing power figures.
  14. Cerbera9

    Stage 2 limit. (MRC)

    Whats considered stage 3 mods? Is that on a manual or DSG car?
  15. Cerbera9

    Stage 2 limit. (MRC)

    I have the MRC stage 2 crank pulley which I've measured @ 179mm and a Forge SC 57mm. Yes the Merc HX helps with the extra heat, and recovers well. I don't have the car tuned for Meth only have the Meth installed for cooling and its on a switch so I can turn the system off when its not needed or...
  16. Cerbera9

    B8 s4 coolant pump 100% cycle mod

    Yes its easy to do. Some tunes such as MRC have this coded in so no need to actually cut any wires.
  17. Cerbera9

    Stage 2 limit. (MRC)

    I have a MRC tuned car that is now dual pulley with test pipes, Merc HX and WMI. I would definitely recommend going dual pulley and cooling mods are a must. Test pipes actually loose you power until the car is tuned for them, what they do give you is peace of mind that there are no cats to fail.
  18. Cerbera9

    Lowering S4 with sport suspension

    I went with H&R lowering springs in order to retain my drive select and it works very well. Uprated roll bars are also worth considering and they help keep heavy cars like ours flat and stable.
  19. Cerbera9

    charge cooler and pump mod info

    Some remaps such as MRC's already have this mod coded in so no need to cut the wiring.