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  1. S6 LeMans

    S6 Door Blades

    UPDATE My local dealer has just informed me they can supply / fit these for £645 inc VAT OUCH
  2. S6 LeMans

    S6 Door Blades

    Just wondered if anyone has ever fitted these to their A6 at all? Came across them on ebay - of al places! They describe them as:- see Item number: 260667503909 OEM Audi S6 Door Blades SET of 4 pieces fits: - Audi A6/S6 C6/4F models (2005-2010) Brand new Genuine OEM Audi part No cheap...
  3. S6 LeMans

    RS6 DRL's - Dimming issue

    Hi I've finally got round to getting a NEW set of RS6 BiXenon AFS headlights fitted to my car - to replace the same spec A6 lights already fitted - but without the DRL's obviously. They look superb, but the DRL's do not dim when the xenons are on? Is this something easily fixed? Can an...
  4. S6 LeMans

    A6 3.0 TDI Quattro MPG

    I've had my 3.0tdi since Oct 07 & most of my mileage is around town - cold starts / short trip / slow journey and I return approc 25/27mpg However, when on a longer trip it does better [ not much ] say a round 200 mile trip 3 in the car - some luggage etc - belting along the motorway at a...
  5. S6 LeMans

    Le Mans Edition

    Had mine new from October 2007 Had lots of S6 bits fitted over time too.
  6. S6 LeMans

    Pics of your A6

    Nice one, I remember seeing it for sale not so long ago too:icon_thumright:
  7. S6 LeMans

    Engine Start Button Upgrade

    It was even easier than previously described:- Fitted the new push-button switch in less than a minute last night. Simply use a credit card edge [ or similar ] to slot into the gap/surround of the original switch to assist in uplifting the switch assembly proud of the console. . . . . ...
  8. S6 LeMans

    Engine Start Button Upgrade

    It's even easier than that........... I managed to pull/lift out the entire housing for the stop/start buttons just by using my fingernails - its that easy - they are not held in tightly at all - there is just a small spring bar retainer clip at each end.
  9. S6 LeMans

    Engine Start Button Upgrade

    Thanks for the link - it confirms can be done :icon_thumright: But for those wanting to know imm. Here is how Audi A6 C6 Engine start/stop button removal and installation: Materials: Plastic spatula (anything that will not scratch), paper towel Remove the leather boot around the...
  10. S6 LeMans

    Engine Start Button Upgrade

    Dropped my car in for some work today at the dealers - I had emailed them this question & they think its as easy as swapping it over?? The part is £30 - but is on back order. But to make doublely sure - they are checking if theres no other software change required?? I have told them once that's...
  11. S6 LeMans

    Engine Start Button Upgrade

    Has anyone got any idea if it would be possible to change the old square plastic button to the new 09 model Chrome version? As you can see from the pictures below - the original housing/surround is still the same in the new 09 model year centre section. So I guess all that would be required...
  12. S6 LeMans

    MMI Control unit with custom LED'S

    Just for info , here is a pic of my centre console , sorry for poor image as taken with iphone. But there are one or two light scratches already and in the silver finish - isnt as tough as the carbon fibre - which will probable hide any marks better too. Would look good with the multi...
  13. S6 LeMans

    A6 worn/scratched centre console

    My brothi-in-law had similar issues with all the window switches & other similar finished areas in his Seat Alhambra [ same VAG switches etc ] - got his dealer to replace them. As for the centre console - in my A6 the silver finish is too easily marked:mad: and no matter how careful you are...
  14. S6 LeMans

    MMI Control unit with custom LED'S

    I would be interested - but i'm the lazy sort [ with no technical know-how ] that prefers to let someone do all the work - ie. someone who knows what they are doing. I wouldn't even know where to start looking for the circuit board? Let alone the rest of the work required. I will be down...
  15. S6 LeMans

    Looking to buy an A6 avant - Advice please

    I agree - every penny counts these days. This was the main reason I sold my RR Sport Supercharged and came back to Audi - the RR Sport was only capable of returning 14.6mpg around town - OUCH The other thought is - have you tried the new 2.0TFSi petrol - very good engine with a good mpg and...
  16. S6 LeMans

    Flat Bottom Steering Wheel - A6?

    Has anyone fitted a flat bottom multi function steering wheel to their A6? I have been watching them for sale on ebay of all places recently - and a specialist aftermarket seller, however my dealer seams to think that in no way will they be compatible? I'm just not sure?? see ebay item...
  17. S6 LeMans

    Exhaust tips or system availabilty/choice

    Tend to agree with you there Brian.......... I will keep looking - but i'm not holding my breath :ermm:
  18. S6 LeMans

    MMI Control unit with custom LED'S

    Hi Cockney Boy Just another thought on your mod to the MMi led's. I was looking at the new 09 model year centre console & I see the Stop Start button is now a nice chrome round one - as opposed to the black plastic affair in mine 09 Model year Or How about the nice CHROME...
  19. S6 LeMans

    Exhaust tips or system availabilty/choice

    Here are some of my findings so far.......... Milltek Sport ABT Sport However - the above example is no good for me as it has NO provision for the drop down / hidden towbar Caractere DEMEC Nothelle again not sure if this will allow for the drop down towbar?