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    I get better mpg out of my S5! 27 around town and the best so far on a run of 39.
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    S5 service cost

    Had the oil changed on my S5 sports diff today even though my indy said the diff is sealed for life. The RS5 sports diff needs an oil change at 58k miles so I see no reason why the S5 shouldn't be the same.
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    New 2021 Audi e-tron GT

    IMO the GT looks similar in overall design to an A5. Not a bad thing but with a starting price of £80K :joycat:
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    Help with tyres on 20 inch wheels.

    Your existing tyres are the wrong width, you should have 255/30R20. If you want a thicker sidewall you will need a smaller wheel in order to keep the tyre circumference correct.
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    A5 Black Edition Plus - The Mythos

    Lovely car, the black wheels are not for me but what do i know!
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    TT again........may be.

    Had a new TT as a courtesy car about a year ago, it was a 3.0l I think. I loved the looks but the road noise was horrendous.
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    Winter tyres in London/Home counties

    If you live in a part of the country where it snows consistently for several months of the year or temps are consistently below 7degrees c then maybe winter wheels and tyres are worth the cost but in the south of the UK this is not the case so its more a preference than essential. I've used all...
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    Audi S5 thefts increasing?

    I can't even get a discount if I fitted a tracker of some form of physical deterrent such as a steering lock as LV tell me these devices make no difference.
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    Ramair vs K&N filter ?

    No difference other than noisier intake and less filtration.
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    Audi S5 thefts increasing?

    Has there been a marked increase in 6 year old Audi S5 thefts recently? According to my insurer there has been and they have written to me ahead of my renewal letter advising me to be prepared for an increase in my premiums.
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    S5 service cost

    Had the service done yesterday at the local indy. Inspection service plus spark plugs and brake fluid change was just under £500. I asked them to check the poly v-belt and replace if necessary but it wasn't done so must be OK. Does anyone know the service interval for the sports diff, I forgot...
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    B9 S4 (Petrol) to ‘similar’ spec B9 RS4....worth the spend ?

    The simple answer is no, the RS4 isn't worth double an S4. But that's not the whole story. If you are looking for value for money then keep the S4 but if you really want an RS4 then pay the going rate, its just down to that.
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    Does anyone out there know how many of the a4 avant 2.0tfsi quattro sline se B7 dtm's are left?

    Is it this one, no info on avant or saloon........
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    S3 branded floor mats for a 8p

    You specify exactly what you want and Autostyle can make them.
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    Brake Wear Indicator

    Do the rears have wear indicators? They don't on the B8.5.
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    Speed camera poi

    These people have and only costs £20 a year to subscribe.......
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    S5 service cost

    Labour charges presumably.
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    B8 RS4 Ami nightmares

    You have MMI 3G High, the all singing system is MMI 3G+
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    How often do your tyre sensors go off?

    Why would a "dodgy" caliper cause a tyre to lose pressure? I would check the tyre and the valve.
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    Audi A3 2014 - Android Auto?

    My mistake, I have Android 10 on my smartphone and Android Auto installed but there is no app icon but I have just spotted there is a version on Google Play that will run on the phone,