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    Click sound from gear lever

    It's the lockout solenoid (or whatever the correct name for it is), it's meant to make that noise. Can't help re the difficult shift however
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    Buying a secondhand vcds cable

    Great, thanks for the quick replies. Here's hoping he can find the cable then!!!!
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    Buying a secondhand vcds cable

    i have the chance to pick up a genuine vcds cable from a friend who no longer uses his. Is there a software user license required to get the most up to date software, also any problems registering the software on a second pc? What's the going rate for a cable nowadays?
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    Anyone used one of these for MOST line level output for power amps.

    I can't answer your question, but Im keeping a close eye on this thread. Im going to start by upgrading the speakers, are the Mac's you mention above direct fit? DO you have a link?
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    Towbar electrics - dedicated or bypass? 2011 A6 C6 Avant

    Hi all, I'm about to purchase a tow bar for the new to me a6. Question, do I need dedicated electrics or will a good quality bypass suffice? I know a bypass relay will work but won't switch off the rear sensors. However is that it? Some cars have stability programs which mean the dedicated...
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    VCDS Supplier

    Hi, looking to purchase a cable plus vcds software too please.
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    Audi A6 100K miles, vague steering and tyre scrubbing on outside

    If my A6 is anything like my last A4, they are prone to wishbone bushes wearing around 80-100K miles. Before I put the car in to the garage, I just wanted to check what are the usual culprits for vague steering, nothing feels particularly loose, but the power steering would probably hide that...
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    Aud1 A6 3.0TDI battery going flat

    We are not using the Audi quite so much as usual and consequently have unearthed a slow current drain. The car has only failed to start once however cranking has been low on a good few occasions. I've changed the battery as the old one was 6 years old so would fail sooner or later, but...
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    Aircon pump (compressor) failure?

    It would seem the aircon pump is on it's way out on my 100K miler A4 1.9 tdi. There is a very noisy bearing rattle when the engine is idling and this rattle goes away when the aircon is switched on. My guess is any slop in the compressor clutch assy is taken up when under load and the bearing...