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  1. BigWillyStyle

    Old films you want to watch?

    My Grandad knew Stan Laurel, he had letters and props from films that he sent him. Unfortunately all of these were lost when his house was demolished!
  2. BigWillyStyle

    plastidip grill ;)

    Will that not have covered the radiator behind the grille?
  3. BigWillyStyle

    Debadged and took the lacquer off!!

    Well my boot is still a state, i wish i asked for advice before letting a mate have a go at it!!
  4. BigWillyStyle

    Old films you want to watch?

    Wouldnt he just blow everything up and then just chuck Optimus Prime in for a laugh? I'll have to have a look at that vid...
  5. BigWillyStyle

    Old films you want to watch?

    I wonder what it would be like if they did a remake of Warriors. I wouldnt want it to ruin the memory of the old one but think with the correct Writer it could be good!
  6. BigWillyStyle

    Old films you want to watch?

    Warriors!! What a film! ''WARRRRRRIORS.....COME OUT TO PLAAAAAAAAY''
  7. BigWillyStyle

    Old films you want to watch?

    What awesome films they are! R.I.P Brandon Lee!
  8. BigWillyStyle

    Old films you want to watch?

    This morning i was looking through my DVD collection and there was one film i instantly wanted to watch...........The Lost Boys!!!! What a film and what a soundtrack!!! ''Worms Michael, You're eating Worms'' AWESOME!!
  9. BigWillyStyle

    New S3 Convertible!!

    Hmmmm i'm unsure but i've never been sure about the A3 cabrio.
  10. BigWillyStyle

    Bmw on the way :D

    Always been a fan of BMW's as i've owned a few but i have to say i'm not too keen on the new models. They might grow on me as i never used to like the new M3 but at the moment i prefer the earlier models. Saying that the model you have gone for has some decent spec! 630nm = :racer:
  11. BigWillyStyle

    Old films you want to watch?

    As said before, See no evil, hear no evil is a classic. '' Fuzzy wuzzy was a woman?''- cracks me up every time!! Also as a kid i loved 'Flight of the Navigator', 'Stand by me' and 'The Burbs''. All amazing films!!
  12. BigWillyStyle

    Spazy alarm

    Please dont use the term 'Spazy'. I find it highly offensive.
  13. BigWillyStyle

    Paul Walker tribute day Santa pod

    Aventadors are beautiful cars!! Looks like a good turn out. Shame i couldnt make it.
  14. BigWillyStyle

    What you listening to today

    Teh Beyonce track is good if not a bit odd. It just sounds a bit disjointed but like it nonetheless :cool:
  15. BigWillyStyle

    Fk coilovers fitted now getting knocking noise

    Yup i have the same problem. I figured out that turning up the volume of my music stopped it! :thumbsup:
  16. BigWillyStyle

    I want to lower my a3!

    Mine on Coilovers! Do iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!
  17. BigWillyStyle

    How many of you is needing a clutch soon?

    I changed my DMF in my DSG A3 about 6-8 months ago or so. I couldnt afford a clutch at the same time so just went with the DMF. It seems to be having the same clattering and problem as before so it looks like its going again. Should it go so early??
  18. BigWillyStyle

    R.I.P paul walker

    Such a shame, still find it hard to believe. LOVE all the FF films and respected him for his charity work. R.I.P Paul walker and Roger Rodas.
  19. BigWillyStyle

    TT RS - Jimojameso's build thread

    Looks the sex! Them seats are awesome!