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    Sold Genuine Audi 20” with tyres Pirelli

    Hi these are now sold I’m afraid. Regards Slapz
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    What’s this sound

    thanks raf, It’s only on idle like a clack clack clack but defiantly not continues, maybe 3 clacks the. Silent then 4 or 5 then silent and sometimes continues and then Silent. If I rev ot doesn’t speed up but goes away. Regards
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    What’s this sound

    Anyone? Sorry I couldn’t find a suitable platform to upload the video hence had to use that. Regards Slapz
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    What’s this sound

    Anyone know what this sound is. Doesn’t sound too good Any ideas Regards Slapz
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    Need these firmwares

    I don’t think you need to. It should be fine. Regard's Slapz
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    Need these firmwares

    No worries bud. I will keep an eye out on the thread. Gl Regards Slapz
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    Need these firmwares

    Hi gav are you downloading it to pc or directly to a memory card. As the 4gb issue seems it’s a fat 32 formatting of the memory card as that’s the max that’s supported. Try formatting the usb or memory card to ntfs, also download direct to pc or laptop and then copy files over to the memory...
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    For Sale Number Plate RS 6 BAE (R66 BAE)

    If you or your lady drives an RS6 this should go nicely with it Regards Slapz
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    S7 project

    talking about wrapping any ideas what it can cost to wrap a car fully or is it dependant on material?
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    Sold Genuine Audi 20” with tyres Pirelli

    Hello I have a set of 4 x audi 20” wheels with Pirelli run flats 275 35 20 2 tyres are 5mm and the other 2 will need replacing. Fairly clean wheels might be some scuffs as I can’t get clearer pics. Away from home. Came off car as new wheels went on. Just to give you an idea of what they are...
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    20x10 et20 not bad at all

    Looks a little off though. Maybe needs a little more lowering? Currently 35mm front and 35mm back no rubbing. What you guys think? 20x10 et20 35mm back/front lowered on h&r 255 35 20 seems I could of gotten away with 275 35 20 wanted to go for a bronze or silver but these were on sale for 500...
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    Big turbo question

    Hello gentlemen so I have been pondering a little lately regarding the turbo on my Audi A7 and the upgrades available. After viewing what’s available and what’s being done work wise with dark side and various other companies. it seems the space where the turbo installs at the back of the...
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    Need these firmwares

    Hello guys been a while but I’m still around. Hope this has worked for the people who have tried it. Not sure if the link is still active. Was a upload to my Google drive. I can update link again if needed. Warm regards Slapz
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    Engine swap question (3.0TDI to 3.0 TFSI)

    Hello gentlemen as the title suggests what's the possibility of this and what will be needed. I have a sq5 3.0tfsi engine , should this be a straight swap? also what else will be needed? matching ECU and cluster? or will old cluster work? will this take my s tronic gearbox? if not i also...
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    Wanted Audi A7 facelift 2015 honeycomb grill and diffuser

    HI Guys Looking for a audi a7 rs7 facelift honey combe grill and rear diffuser if anyone has hit me up thx Regards Slapz
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    Wanted iPhone 11 Pro, 11 pro max, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max 256GB wanted

    Hello As above one of the following wanted in absolute Mint condition or my OCD will feck me silly. preferable in 256gb iPhone 11 pro or 11 pro max iPhone 12 pro or 12 pro max reasonably priced, what have you. Regards Slapz
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    For Sale S555UP G (Number plate for sale)

    Hi Guys As above the following number plate is available for sale. reads S555UP G send offers Regards Slapz
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    lowering suspension question

    replied Regards Slapz
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    lowering suspension question

    Hi as im not able to post in the classified, here it will have to do, these are the coil overs i think they are by jom, and as you can see from above they fitted fine i just didn't have the time to keep adjusting to get the perfect all round balance, hence i threw my H&Rs back on, Was back to...