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  1. Paulbean

    Insurance renewal; what would you do?

    A bit of help deciding to go with Admiral or not.... My wife was with Admiral when a third party hit and run writing off her parked car (Bank Holiday Sunday evening, wonder if he was drunk?). Details passed to them on the Monday along with Police incident number and grainy cctv footage and...
  2. Paulbean

    Astra GTE 16v

    I chose to be slightly different and went with a 1.8 CD. It had slightly softer suspension and more toys but it was still as quick as the GTE. Got pulled on my way home from work way back when for cocking the rear inside off the ground going round a roundabout a bit sharpish.
  3. Paulbean

    Advice please , think insurance company is trying to do me over!

    Never accept their first offer, they will always try and lowball you. Get some adverts for similar spec/mileage/condition from Autotrader and forward them to your insurance company and see what they come back with.
  4. Paulbean

    Over £40k car tax how to avoid/minimise £325 surcharge.

    It's a little more than that for the first year, closer to £1300, one of the reasons I went for a pre-reg'd car albeit with only 10 miles on it...and, sorry, I haven't a clue if they received a pro-rated refund.
  5. Paulbean

    Over £40k car tax how to avoid/minimise £325 surcharge.

    Well, on this subject, mine was a pre-registered car and the garage had paid for the first year (I think somewhere up around a grand). I bought the car at a few weeks old and only paid the 2nd year rate, no addition of any pro-rata "showroom" tax.
  6. Paulbean

    Logging a Fixed or Flexible Service

    I use an indy for my RS3 servicing and the MMI is set correctly (if they actually need to do anything at the garage and the car doesn't know what it should be IYSWIM).
  7. Paulbean

    Key fob battery - help

    Silly question, but have you tried all three together, as in press the two yellow marked tabs in, then press (or lift) the red and pull?
  8. Paulbean

    Premium unleaded vs normal unleaded

    Stay clear of BP Ultimate, it is an awful petrol. Personally, I use either Shell vPower or Tesco Momentum in both mine and the wife's Corsa turbo.
  9. Paulbean

    young rider on 50cc scooters

    I'd have waited until he finally got the bike on the stand, kicked it over and then drove off! ;):D
  10. Paulbean

    Start-stop fault?

    Could be temperature related this weather, if it's too cold it won't kick in.
  11. Paulbean

    Swapping CR140 ECU with CR170 possible?

    Dyno tune would be much much safer for the car...
  12. Paulbean

    ****** coding......

    Or just disable stop/start :D