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  1. Adams3

    Imola S3 Pics - Part 2

    Love imola yellow, it rocks!!
  2. Adams3

    My Mineral Grey S3... pics

    I love your car, definitely one of the best colours!! Good job with the cleaning, looks spotless!!
  3. Adams3

    tCarbon FMIC Kit for 225 Audi TT

    Now thats a good price, i would definitely be interested if it all goes to plan!!
  4. Adams3

    Advice on what could be the problem

    I would suggest getting your cars four wheel alignment done, mine was out by quite a lot and i still have standard suspension so if you have fitted lowering springs it may be even worse!!
  5. Adams3

    Milltek on S3

    Im pretty sure that my rear box is sitting straight and so are the tailpipes, wouldnt bet my life on it though. Maybe they did change them slightly to when you had one then, but i agree not to carry on using a product that you are not happy with, i however have had no problems with mine so i...
  6. Adams3

    Milltek on S3

    Had mine fitted by AmD and couldnt be happier with it, i think it depends where you have it fitted as to whether it sits nicely or not!! When its hot it gives some lovely pops and bangs!!
  7. Adams3

    Polished the S3 today - photos

    Looks great, love the colour lol
  8. Adams3

    Not again!!

    Will do, think it cost me about £300 last time but it didnt pull the driveshaft out so might be more this time though i hope not!!
  9. Adams3

    Not again!!

    To be fair i had just had it sideways round a roundabout and then parked up outside simmons bakery, went to reverse to straighten up and crunch the rear dropped to the floor and i thought oh god not again!! Yeah about six months ago, maybe a little longer same thing again, just parking up and...
  10. Adams3

    Not again!!

    There are rubber bushes on each end of the lower tie arm and when they cease this is what happens!! The puddle of oil is where the driveshaft has been ripped out the rear diff, i need another bank loan i think!!!
  11. Adams3

    Not again!!

    Just when things are going ok and i have a bit of money saved up what should happen, my ****** wheel has fallen off again!! Opposite side to last time!! Please haldex quattro owners get your bushes checked regularly!!
  12. Adams3

    chrome mirrors

    Yeah three or four screws if memory serves!!
  13. Adams3

    S3 on Ebay

    Its probably just got a tomtom or similar, you know what these ebay'ers are like!! Devious bas**rds!!
  14. Adams3

    FMIC Idea

    As far as i know, the front mount intercooler although larger suface area actually has roughly the same volume as the side one it replaces, therefore no real pressure drop!!
  15. Adams3

    AndyMac Stealth Sub Install

    I have one too, cant recommend it enough!! Great work Andymac!!
  16. Adams3

    tCarbon FMIC Kit for 225 Audi TT

    So if it doesnt make that much difference why do Audi bother fitting it?? Could save themselves a lot of money there!!
  17. Adams3

    Wanted: Pics of boost gauges

    Wouldnt be any good with a K04 would it???
  18. Adams3

    Chips with that? Revo and APR experiences

    I love the way my AmD stage 2 pulls right up to the red line!! I agree with JamS3!!
  19. Adams3

    tCarbon FMIC Kit for 225 Audi TT

    The crash bar might be the difference between the engine ending up in your lap or staying under the bonnet though!!
  20. Adams3

    FMIC Idea

    You would immediately be increasing the volume unless the side ones were modified smaller to cater for the extra volume of the third one!! Does that make sense?? Thus problems with pressure drop and extra lag!!