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    2.7 V6 TDi - a good engine?

    The early multi tronic 6 speed i had in my mk1 q7 ( mine was 2008) was an aisin box i believe and probably from land cruiser type of production line and had borg and beck axles but cant remember if transfer box was different or whatever but at the time thinking what a mismatch of parts i have...
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    3.0 tdi v6 swirl flap delete

    no the motor rest position will be different hence why the worn parts are making it throw the code in the first place. its like returning to a negative rest position
  3. +robster+a7+tdi

    3.0 tdi v6 swirl flap delete

    i have in my shed a single set ( for 1 bank) from my q7 casa , engine flaps / rod / bushes/ ball joint , if anyone wants the set for free plus postage (£2) to get their problem sorted. i bought 2 sets and only needed 1 in my 2 year ownership of the q7 ( wish i still had that motor) anyway my a7...