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    Front mudflaps modified and fitted

    Genuine front mudflaps fitted to my wife’s pre facelift S Line , a bit of modification and looking great , just to do the rears now
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    Facelift S Line rear mudflaps needed

    Hi folks , just wondered if anyone had a pair of rear mudflaps for facelift S Line , thanks again folks
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    Aluminium Pedals

    Hi folks, my wife had a 2013 A1 1.4tfsi sportback S Line, I am looking for the aluminium pedal caps. I like the look of the facelift caps but don’t think they fit on the pre facelift as different pedal ( I think) . Does anyone know of anywhere that does copies of the facelift pedals that fit the...
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    Hi Folks, has anyone managed to fit mudflaps to there pre facelift ( 2011-2014) S line. I know they are not available from Audi but I was wondering if anyone has adapted other mudflaps to fit ?? Many thanks
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    Hi Folks, has anyone fitted mudflaps to their SLine model ??, if so what mudflaps did you fit??, was it originals tfsf you had to modify ??. Any help would be greatly appreciated , also any pastures if you have any , Thanks again
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    A1 Sportback S Line Mudflaps

    Hi Folks , looking for the part numbers for both front and back mudflaps for the S Line Sporback , many thanks for your help