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    Carista App Now Avaliable For the 8V A3/S3 - PFL & FL Covered

    Hi everyone, I’ve read through this thread looking for an answer and couldn’t see it, although my eyes may have gone cross-eyed with all 15 pages! In the process of retro-firing power fold mirrors to a FL 2017 S3. I can see a lot of people have enabled mirror dip on reverse with success but...
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    Audi extended warranty

    I’ve just started looking into this as my S3 is nearly 3 years old too. Judging from other threads on the forum on this topic £450ish seems to be what people have been paying. The Audi website won’t let me get a quote yet though as it says I am still in the warranty period.
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    Faulty start/stop, MIL on, speed sensor?

    Just to (hopefully!) close the loop on this one, got a call from the dealer today to say that my car should now be back to normal and is ready to collect (Christmas meant a long wait). The day before it went to the dealer I went to start it and the battery was dead and it wouldn’t start. They...
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    Faulty start/stop, MIL on, speed sensor?

    Hi guys, long time since I posted anything on here and unfortunately my first post in a long time is due to an issue... Car is a Feb 2017 S3. Earlier tonight start/stop showed on the dash as an error, revs got pretty lumpy and then car sounded like it was running on all cylinders. Yellow /...