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  1. SHUk

    Audi s3 Noggy Blue

    Here is my pride and joy, hopefully finds a new home!
  2. SHUk

    Audi s3 2002 interior upgrades

    BANG! You’re a legend. No idea why I couldn’t find one, clearly looking in the wrong place... Thank you!
  3. SHUk

    Audi s3 2002 interior upgrades

    Would this work?
  4. SHUk

    Can you name this hose?

    Brake servo
  5. SHUk

    Audi s3 2002 interior upgrades

    Alright!!! As the title suggests, I’ve just got my s3 and I’d like to tidy up the interior. 1, can you change the headlight switch for a more modern equivalent? I’ve seen the illuminated ones etc... 2, I have an auto dimming rear view mirror with liquid crystal failure. Can you use...
  6. SHUk

    How Many Left

    2002 AMK sunroof s3
  7. SHUk

    1.8 Turbo project

    PM me I have a 234 bhp 1.8t up for grabs
  8. SHUk

    k04 power difference?

    Honesty as always pal!
  9. SHUk

    k04 power difference?

    When’s the next one? =[]
  10. SHUk

    Headlight switch upgrade

    Ian who...?
  11. SHUk

    Headlight switch upgrade

    Maybe, still can’t locate via the search... Can the switch be upgraded to a newer one?
  12. SHUk

    Post pics of your A3/S3

    Proud owner of an S3, Freshly painted noggy blue 278 bhp...
  13. SHUk

    Headlight switch upgrade

    :nogarors4: Hello all Proud owner of my new noggy blue S3. I saw a thread a while back about changing the headlight switch and running daytime lights. I’ve been through the stickies and the search field, can’t find the upgrade which was done... Can someone please help me? Thanks
  14. SHUk

    Spark plugs Have a read
  15. SHUk

    Shell or Mobil?

    I’m not a fan, just passing comment
  16. SHUk

    Shell or Mobil?

    My oil drain plug despises it didn’t want to be in the car anymore while beating a ST and I called the AA out as I was miles away from home and he said that he went to a customer who had torn there sump with Magantec oil and drove it after and the engine was fine...
  17. SHUk

    Shell or Mobil?

    Quantum plus Lucas synthetic 1ltr heavy duty stabiliser is my favourite.l as I have a heavy right foot for spirited driving. You an get the quantum for £20 plus a few quid change from any TPS store and the Lucas is £18... =[]
  18. SHUk

    S3 8l seats not sliding

    The track rollers usual break and inhibit the sliding movement... Easy fix around £7 each
  19. SHUk

    Help fuel pump advice please

    I changed mine out to the DW65 and hasn’t missed a beat since. Really easy fitting aswell. Better to have a lower fuel level as so your not fighting against the float to push the pump back into the tank... =[]
  20. SHUk

    Coilovers on budget for S3 JOM's or Stance+ ?

    Pretty skippy when your hooning aswell pal =[]