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    recomend a good vw forum

    so as above, is there a vw specific forum that is as active as this one regarding audi ?
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    3sdm 0.01

    Hi folks,I'm looking at getting a set of 3sdm 0.01 wheels I'm fitting then on a b7 s line, I really like a concave so what offset am I looking for to Achieve a nice concave when any pics would be grate cheers
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    any good sites to find a audi

    hi all,does any one know of any websites for second hand cars or even dealers that a reasonably priced, im in ireland and cant find much through google. tks in advance.
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    posting pics

    ok tks
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    posting pics

    is it possible to upload pics from a camera ,how do i do it
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    hi all ,any idea why the light in my hazard switch stays on when the key is taken out of the ignition its a 01 a4