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  1. HenriEST

    Aftermarket rear led lights! Has anyone used these?

    what the title says basically. i found these on the net and im interested if anyone has tried these and has a picture of them light up! Buy Audi A6 4F 2WD 2004 2.7L TDI Tail Lamps | PPCGB Cheers!
  2. HenriEST

    Audi 2005 2.7 tdi! servicing??

    133 thousand miles on the clock what service should the car has had been done and what will need to be done when buying a car with that high mileage. anything particular to look at ?? Thanks alot! Sorry if this question has been asked a few times before!
  3. HenriEST

    Just a few questions new to A6's

    Cheers for that, i am looking at the 2.7s but they are alot rare. Anybody here have had trouble with their c6 2.0tdi's?? thanks
  4. HenriEST

    Just a few questions new to A6's

    Hi, I am thinking of buying a 2005/2006 A6 2.0 tdi S line, i wanted an a4 before but they are too pricey for what they are imo, so is there anything i should look out for in that model of A6? i was also looking at the 2.7 tdi's. I had a b6 audi before but some **** pulled out on me and its...