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    Didn't see her on the options list!
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    Car Stuck Girls
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    any one know how to post videos?

    You'll need somewhere to host it, either your own webspace given to you by your ISP or one of the video hosting sites. Once its hosted you can post a link to it link this:
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    Yey! It's Friday... have a joke!

    Boom! Boom!
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    forum is playing up, or is it just me?

    anyone got a can of Optimax & a box of matches? I could fix the problem stright away however it would mean making the forum pay-and-display
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    forum is playing up, or is it just me?

    [ QUOTE ] snoop said: in true audi style, looks like the forum is throwing up a few fault codes, ha ha [/ QUOTE ] Just plugging the VAG.COM in now - whats a blue screen mean?
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    forum is playing up, or is it just me?

    [ QUOTE ] S3_Driver said: I think this site uses mysql: [/ QUOTE ] You only "think" the site use mysql, I thought all the error codes gave that away. Glad that you don't work in IT.
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    forum is playing up, or is it just me?

    No Glitch, just the Databases being sorted.
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    Happy Birthday Jojo!

    Sorry about the missing posts Joe, your birthday thread was one of those that got corrupted yesterday. The rest of it is HERE & HERE
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    When the Fek....

    Yeah, Zero sounds a good figure to me too David.
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    supercharge your Audi

    I bet AmD, ABT etc are quaking in their boots
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    1. When was this site launched? Ask Dicky as I was only only driving a 1.8T then. 2. Who are the 'owners' of this site? The members! AmD own the domain name. 3. Do all the mods/admin know each other and/or are they friends? A couple are personal friends and they all hate me 4. How come...
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    Car of the Year 2005 and BMW gets it wrong

    CAR OF THE YEAR REVEALED AT AUTOCAR AWARDS The Toyota Prius has been awarded the prestigious accolade 'Car of The Year 2005'. Finalists for the award were the Toyota Prius, Citroen C4, Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra, Renault Modus, Peugeot 407 and the BMW 1-series. Steve Cropley...
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    OH crap

    [ QUOTE ] AndyMac said: The Target LRC100 is basically a garage door opener. [/ QUOTE ] The LRC 100 has now been superseded by the LT400 Car Kit (LT = LaserTrack) LaserTrack PDF, these will start shipping next week. Stock will be limited so you'll need to get your pre-orders in now...
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    Jeez, and I thought the CI was a nice place. I'll chase those McGard locking wheel bolts up for you, sounds like you need them.
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    Rooney & Clive Woodward

    The real reason for the delay in the Rooney transfer has just been revealed....he demanded that United also sign Clive Woodward as part of the deal...he wanted someone at the club who knew about hookers....
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    Where'd the Graphs go??

    What, the one in this thread? Graphs are now in the Tuning Forum. - Andy
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    Town moves to tackle crap driving

    never saw that.....
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    Town moves to tackle crap driving

    Town moves to tackle crap driving