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  1. marktdisport

    RS4 Brake Upgrade issue.

    Just out of interest could you of had a poor pad issue as when I sold mine my uncle drove it and couldn't live with how sharp they was so I removed them and swopped it back to std 288mm for the big sale, I drove mine pretty hard and never once felt they wasn't good enough to stop me on a penny...
  2. marktdisport

    RS4 Brake Upgrade issue.

    Strangely my S4 brakes was perfect on my B6...... Very over powering to be honest.... But those RS4 look amazingly nice
  3. marktdisport

    Tt 225 injectors

    Well I'd rather risk 2nd hand genuine than USA shoddy injectors had 2 sets fail on my impreza from the USA... Very rare co courante of a standard injector failing on a petrol engine...
  4. marktdisport

    metal on metal clunk sound on slow maneuvering

    My rear gearbox mount disintegrated causing a heavy knock which could be felt by your left foot area of the gearbox tunnel
  5. marktdisport

    New owner of 1.8t (190) S line ... Few pics & questions The trouble is as James as said the age is one of those from a year were you will get sports and s lines in 2004, and probably audi had excess sport stuff to use up before they changed steering wheels and gear knobs etc.....
  6. marktdisport

    Tt 225 injectors

    Check eBay breaking then message folk also cupra r have the bam engine so it opens the search up
  7. marktdisport

    New owner of 1.8t (190) S line ... Few pics & questions

    Just checked the number plate for you and its defo a Sline with 187bhp and this will be on the v5
  8. marktdisport

    cone filter on a 1.9tdi yes or no

    There has been a thread were someone done it to a 130 tdi and all it done was turn it into a horrid deep loud droning noise, pull the box apart then try it....
  9. marktdisport

    Looking At New Alloys. Opinions please! :)

    They look sweet m8y, just looking at the before picture makes you think how gay the original wheels look lol
  10. marktdisport

    1.9 tdi 130 awx remap file

    Ain't awesome still doing the £150 deal for diesels
  11. marktdisport

    Car insurance : more expensive with baby!

    Do you know the answer to this raverA4....... You would think married and kids would bring down the premium being more grown up etc
  12. marktdisport

    Have I blown my engine?! PLEASE help!

    Has the turbo blown and then the engine ran on the excessive oil in the inter cooler resulting in over revving and throwing a rod ??
  13. marktdisport

    Have I blown my engine?! PLEASE help!

    Get a new mechanic who knows what they are talking about, oil on the road sounds very terminal...
  14. marktdisport

    cam chain rattle

    I'd get the oil pick up looked at in the sump, sounds like a loss of oil pressure
  15. marktdisport

    Right crunch time so please help (tyres)

    My maxxis worked out around 12 quid a corner to make the car look fat compared to 225.... The other thing is they protect your rims so much better..... Don't worry about the cost just do the job right the first time....mine instantly felt better to drive with the 235 it could get the power down...
  16. marktdisport

    18" alloys on a quattro sport - tyre question

    Pay the extra few quid in the package to go 235 if they want a deal then they will do it
  17. marktdisport

    Right crunch time so please help (tyres)

    Maxxis done me proud on my A4 MA-z1
  18. marktdisport

    Squeaky wiper

    Basically m8 its the start of bad news were the wiper mechanism is seizing up in the unit itself you can strip it down and sand it down and degrease it if your clever with the tools.... It's the spindle itself inside the unit that needs re cleaning out.....
  19. marktdisport

    1.9tdi clutch adjustment???

    Just think also about the replacement of the DMF because if that gives up at a later date then its another labour charge to pay for