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  1. Paulbean

    Best Wax for Brilliant Black

    I use Poor Boys Nattys Black paste wax on mine, not expensive and you don't get any white dust from it.
  2. Paulbean

    Best cleaner for stain in the cup holders

    Miltons tablets (the ones used to clean baby bottles) let it soak overnight and it should come up clean as a whistle.
  3. Paulbean

    Detailing advice for a black, very contaminated car and an inexperienced owner!

    Jet wash and black hole by hand for me on Mythos Black. Takes me about 7 hours to do snow foam, two bucket wash, polish then wax by hand.
  4. Paulbean

    Cheaper end DA polisher

    To be honest it wasn't bought to polish the car, but for other uses. That's why I'm waiting on an old panel to see what it is like as a polisher, if it's any good then it'll be used, if it aint, then it'll get binned...
  5. Paulbean

    Cheaper end DA polisher

    :wink::wink: I'm waiting for my son-in-law to bring me an old panel to practise on....
  6. Paulbean

    Cheaper end DA polisher

    I've got Von Haus DA from Amazon, yet to use it in anger on the car though.
  7. Paulbean

    Wheel cleaner poll

    I use ValetPro Bilberry wheel cleaner diluted to anywhere between 30-50%.
  8. Paulbean

    Show Us Your Reflection Shots

    Cheers buddy! :icon thumright:
  9. Paulbean

    Show Us Your Reflection Shots

    From PGD at castle combe today...
  10. Paulbean

    Massive amounts of tar on rims, best way to remove?

    I use lighter fluid on a MF to wipe off tar spots. Then wash and rinse...
  11. Paulbean

    ValetPro Bilberry Juice and Audi rotor wheels

    I use it 50/50 with water on my alloys, no probs so far!
  12. Paulbean

    Show Us Your Beading Shots

    It was dirty and ready for a wash :yes: Same (ish) previous car to mine, I had a V6 STi wagon 300 Ltd...
  13. Paulbean

    Show Us Your Beading Shots

    pic taken just before wash...
  14. Paulbean

    ValetPRO Bilberry wheel cleaner on diamond cut alloys. Yay or nay?

    I've been using it on my alloys for months now at a 50:50 mix and they are fine :thumbs up:
  15. Paulbean

    Taking wheels off to clean them

    I'd also add a set of wheel woolies to your shopping list, save taking them off again in the future...
  16. Paulbean

    Snow Foam

    As long as it's Ph neutral it'll be ok, oh and bonus points if it smells like bubblegum :)
  17. Paulbean

    Best Interior Glass Cleaner...?

    El cheapo Asda/Tesco glass cleaner and a microfibre does the trick for me.
  18. Paulbean

    Pressure washer reccomendations please......

    IMHO the cheaper eBay/Amazon Snow Foam lances are pretty poor compared to say the AutoBrite lance. Would work out cheaper to buy a decent one first (I learned the hard way)
  19. Paulbean

    Drying towel.

    I'll second the Autofinesse Aqua Deluxe, can dry my whole saloon no problem! :icon thumright:
  20. Paulbean

    Aluminium polish

    Personally I'd use Nattys Paste Wax...