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  1. marktdisport

    Now for the rear pads and discs!

    Any rear calliper which the vehicle as abs needs the tool to force the piston in...this is how the self adjuster works, some folk have used a large g clamp to do the job in the past
  2. marktdisport

    Dial colour change.. HOW TO!

    Ever since buying my car my led for the temp needle doesn't work !! You've made it look a doddle shame my skills of soldering are non existent.... You fancy doing mine m8...
  3. marktdisport

    Finally got my new wheels!!!

    You took the words out my mouth I had a black estate and it looked similar sorry
  4. marktdisport

    Really annoying squeaking noise!

    My b6 does the same like a tight bush creak squeak annoying !! Especially over speed bumps had mine checked new shockers springs bottom arm fitted still there !
  5. marktdisport

    buying a 05 tdi avant

    the air bag light might be a simple reset or the connectors under the seat been knocked, the judder could well be the dual mass flywheel so that could end up a £700-850 by the time you fitted new clutch etc, and the other thing is if its a 2.0tdi the oil pump balancer shaft are common to fail...
  6. marktdisport

    A4tdi 1.9

    same as your 130 the 5 speed works very well ive had 3-4 6spd boxes and get bored of changing gear because 1st is useless....but the 5 spd works well and give some nice feeling of power in 3rd 4th 5th but i would highly recommend a remap as it changes the car so much better
  7. marktdisport

    Disaster - Oil Pressure Warning light in Middle Of Motorway - Help

    i find it funny you rather drive with a oil pressure light on than pay and have a tow.... just my thoughts that if you could of been ***** to pull over and atleast get it checked by a mechanic you may of saved yourself the huge ignoring this and being to much of a tight **** that...
  8. marktdisport

    Oil Usage on 2.0 TFSI ?

    if it was turbo seals you may also see lots of blue smoke when lifting off the throttle when you gave it a bit but i take it you aint getting this......(which would make me think it isnt the turbo oil seals)... now if the valve stem seals would just be slightly passing oil into the bores it...
  9. marktdisport

    Oil Usage on 2.0 TFSI ?

    perhaps the valve stem seals are leaking then...
  10. marktdisport

    Oil Usage on 2.0 TFSI ?

    1ltr per 1000 miles normal........ WTF !!!! LOL mine never used much when i had one maybe 1-2ltrs every 12 thousand miles or so.....
  11. marktdisport

    Wheels getting powder coated in the morning....

    my 18" sline rs6 style alloys was done last week in bridgetown cannock near staffordshire for £35 a corner + vat now mint and the total bill £168 01543 503362 17" are £25 + vat for powder coating....
  12. marktdisport

    Audi specialist in northwest

    awesome there garage to look at will tell you how popular they are.....
  13. marktdisport

    Turbo shattered in pieces

    ive just put a search in fleabay m8 for ar 2.0tdi breaking and theres a fair few to choose from.....
  14. marktdisport

    12.61 MPG from my 2.0T??

    you should be recieving 350-400 miles from a full tank to refuel light all day long... if not you might have a duff maf, cat or so on
  15. marktdisport

    Turbo shattered in pieces

    made me a chuckle m8, hope its fixed m8
  16. marktdisport

    Turbo shattered in pieces

    duck tape !!!!!! to repair a boost leak.... wtf lol....
  17. marktdisport

    2.0tfsi petrol - what do you run yours on?

    the fuel cap says 95 ron because it will run perfect on normal unleaded fuel as it's set up that way from build, if you get it remapped then the mapper will usually expect super unleadeds to be used all times but if you then put normal unleaded in it will run poo, you will see some improvments...
  18. marktdisport


    why will the speedo read different between 235/40's & 245/40 the 40 is the profile which is the same the 235/245 is the width no difference in reading until you change the 40 number !!!
  19. marktdisport

    Vibrating shudder under heavy breaking on New Disks and pads !!!!

    heard of this fault before on a b5 diesel done 1000miles ended up being chepo dodgy brakes the customer supplied we sent them back and the new set was sound....
  20. marktdisport

    steering probs

    sounds like you have air in the steering rack m8 maybe a change of fluid and re bleed up the system is a cheap option