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  1. dbm

    Launch Control not changing gear

    The DIS will show you what gear you are in? It will either be D1 or S1 whilst you are stationary. The D/S switch in the 8V is purely software. In the 8P it was a physical switch. If you have the stick to the left you are in manual and it won’t change up, that is for sure.
  2. dbm

    Looking to buy a RS3

    My car lacks a tech pack and I miss out on CarPlay because of that. ICE changes at a glacial pace (ha!) but your phone mirrored software can iterate much more rapidly.
  3. dbm

    RS3 Orders (week 10/11)

    Diesel makes sense for a vehicle of that mass, but I don’t think it’s justified for other S-vehicles (personally). SQ5 is definitely diesel.
  4. dbm

    RS3 Orders (week 10/11)

    I find that very hard to believe. There are no Diesel engines planned for the A1 based on launch information, which to my mind indicates moving away from that engine type. A hybrid electric plant is much more likely given how hard they are pushing hybrids and light hybrids.
  5. dbm

    Buying advice Newbie

    Small-ish, high power, AWD. Only Subaru, Mitsubishi and Audi were playing this game in the 90s. The Lancer was totally bonkers with (IIRC) 6000 mile service intervals. So, moving on from a Scoobi pretty much naturally took you to an S3 or similar when I was driving one.
  6. dbm

    Buying advice Newbie

    I wouldn’t worry about, personally. I live in Lancashire but bought my 8P in Cambridge and my 8V in Cheltenham. They are rare cars, and if you have a specific spec in mind then you will end up travelling. Like TX says, two owners can easily see a car move from one end of the country to another...
  7. dbm

    Buying used RS3 with high mileage?

    Understanding who the previous owner was is more important than the number, IMO. still being in warranty would be a big plus for this, too, but with a 2015 car that is relatively unlikely (few people seem to buy the extended warranty). I have had two pre-owned RS3s, both ex Audi-fleet and both...
  8. dbm

    RS3 Saloon vs RS5

    The challenge with an RS5 would be opening the doors. I used to have a TTS and getting in / out was a nightmare in any car park unless you could park next to a post or wall that meant you could guarantee enough space on your return...
  9. dbm

    PFL gearbox clunks in traffic

    I’m not an Audi engineer but that is what they told me not to do. :) ETA I had this problem big-time with my first DSG car but after learning the recommended driving method it’s never been a major issue since. Occasional periods of harshness can be smoothed out.
  10. dbm

    PFL gearbox clunks in traffic

    There seem to be two things being discussed on this thread: Shunting gear changes at lower speeds ’Bang’ whilst changing gear under hard acceleration and around the redline I’ve had both these things and they are different in my opinion. Taking the second first as it is easiest, it’s definitely...
  11. dbm

    Facelift Radio favourites on start-up

    My MY16 car stays on Favourites. I have the non-internet connected head unit if that makes a difference (not sure what the ‘offical’ name for this is...)
  12. dbm

    IDIOT! Dropped something in engine bay. Is it safe?

    Some stones are harder than metals. And a stone can flick through the grill if you’re really unlucky :)
  13. dbm

    IDIOT! Dropped something in engine bay. Is it safe?

    If you think about it, it’s no more dangerous than having a small stone flick up from the road and go into the underside of your engine bay. But it’s gone now. Did the AA guys seem amused by the request?
  14. dbm

    RS3 MPG - what is the best you have achieved ?

    I did a long run this week and was hands-free on the phone so driving sedately at 50 on dual carriageway for about half an hour. I think it was showing 46+ mpg at that point. Why do MPGs matter? I do business miles in my RS3, and easily do 15k+ miles per year. When you get ‘pence per mile’...
  15. dbm

    Anyone considered jumping ship to Porsche?

    I’ve thought about it. A Carrera isn’t really a competitor to the RS3 as it isn’t practical enough. I considered a Macan of some stripe, but you are paying a lot more in upfront and running costs so for me it didn’t really make sense.
  16. dbm

    Facelift New RS3 and 4 cylinder [emoji23]

    Better to down-size the 5-pot (back to the classic 2.2, perhaps?) before chopping a cylinder. I totally agree that the RS3 would be much less desirable without the 12453...
  17. dbm

    Is anyone actually happy?

    I never modified my 8P, and have no plans to modify my 8V. So you can count me in :)
  18. dbm

    Audi tell me to go to the motor obudsman to complain about my brakes squeaking!

    My PFL has done approx 29k miles so far, most of that motorway driving (my car works for a living...). Can't say that I have much squeaking. The brakes did squeak for a while when we had snow and gritted roads. But a couple of hard stops cleared that. It occasionally happens again at low speeds...
  19. dbm

    Another stolen RS3

    Hmm... I’m pretty sure you can’t push a DSG car whilst it’s in Park? They must have stolen the keys, especially if they moved it away from the house before starting (i.e. outside of ‘repeater’ range). But then why drill the locks? It doesn’t make sense
  20. dbm

    Another stolen RS3

    Did your friend’s car have keyless start?