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    Hot weather on Performance

    Hot weather will always cause a loss of power, thats why its best to get a dyno done in the morning. If you take your car to the dyno on a cold day at low altitude, it will make more power. And if you take exactly the same car back to the same dyno on a hot day, it will make less power. But if...
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    Wheel Hub Nut

    Thread size: M14 x 1.5 Seat: R12 Shaft Length: 26.7 Hex Size: 17mm
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    Wheel Security

    No, not forgot about you Mark, i'll email eveyone in a week or so to sort out delivery etc as I don't want to be taking peoples money to far in advance - Andy
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    AMD servicing costs

    [ QUOTE ] NOAD said: Do I assume from this that AMD don't offer competitve servicing prices because their main business is upgarding and modification? [/ QUOTE ] As you say, I guess its because servicing isn't a core part of their business It maybe worth you looking in the Dealer Forum to...
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    Wheel Security

    Leedy & Matt, you'll have to pay the VAT as I'm not a business, i'm just sorting a groupbuy for you guys like I run on my other forums however, postage won't be an issue to the CI. The bolts should be with me early next month as the McGard factory in Germany is on its summer shut-down at the...
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    Wheel Security

    Sure, i'll check on availability today and get a few sets ordered - Ultras for eveybody?
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    Wheel Security

    That's why I said "almost"! Yes, they can be removed but in the process you'll make a lot of noise, take a lot time and cause major damage to rims, this will discourage most opportunist wheel thieves who'll move on to car that hasn't got them. (McGard's will only supply a duplicate key to the...
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    Wheel Security

    What model of McGard would everyone like? The Ultra High Security McGard's and the standard High Security McGard's, both are packaged the same (eg: pink/silver box & 4 bolts + 1 Key) and both almost impossible to remeove without the key however the difference's end there: + The Ultra’s...
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    Wheel Security

    The best locking bolts on the market are the McGard's, there are two types: The High Security (~£30) and the Ultra High Security model (~£40). The Ultra's are one's that always win the AutoExpress grouptest. If there's enough interest I can start another groupbuy for these. According to...
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    Shell Optimax

    Next time you're in Germany look out for Shell V-Power, it is 100 RON and is sulphur free. However, don't confuse it with V-Power in Holland which is only 95 RON.
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    MOVED: 2005 Audi A3 Sportback

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    Old M3's what BHP?

    [ QUOTE ] MingBluS3 said: What BHP are the older style M3's, they are ****** fast too! [/ QUOTE ] It will depend on the model: E36 M3 Evo - 3.2 6 speed 321Bhp E36 M3 - 3.0 5 speed 286Bhp
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    Audi A3 sportsback

    Anyone got their name down for one?
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    Oi! Thought Police!

    The reason why this post hasn't been moved or deleted is for the pure entertainment value of you, making yourself look silly. Now that you are starting to make abusive and somewhat unconstructive comments its game over.
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    Oi! Thought Police!

    The post was moved because (as Hopsta quite rightly says) its neither A3 or S3 related. What is point of having separate forums on different topic if you can post where you want.
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    AmD Remap - Review

    [ QUOTE ] Before Power - 227.4 Bhp After Power - 269.3 Bhp Before Lb/ft - 226.8 After Lb/ft - 302.6 [/ QUOTE ]
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    WANTED AN s3

    That sure is a nice looking car Graham
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    Electronic Counter Measures!!

    For full protection you really need both a GPS based device and a laser diffuser. GPS based device for two reasons: 1. SPECS and Truvellos are becoming more and more common, and the only way you can warn of their location is to use GPS. 2. Standalone radar detectors make great...
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    Electronic Counter Measures!!

    It will depend on what type of glass you have. On some cars, most notably BMW's & Merc's fitted with the optional "comfort" or "climate screens" the metallic coating on the glass disrupts the GPS and/or radar signals from getting to the device. The way around this for items such as the...