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  1. Potterswheel

    Saloon owners Question

    Yes, the speaker cut outs are missing, but I was prepared to go with that, the fixing points are incorrect and the basic shape does not match my car, It may be for the pre face lift or maybe the Standard A3 saloon. On my S3 the boot panels are Aluminium glued and riveted together.
  2. Potterswheel

    Saloon owners Question

    Well after almost 2 months of waiting The trim panel finally arrived! It was folded into 9!!!! and was quite creased. Fortunately with all the recent hot weather I left it outside in the heat for a while and it has unfolded and become flat The bad news is that it does not fit my car !!!!! 2017...
  3. Potterswheel

    Enable Layout Setting in Virtual Cockpit on A3

    Is there a 'how too' any where for the VC retrofit????
  4. Potterswheel

    Frameless rearview mirror retrofit

    Yes, its only on the one with a camera in it you have to change the housing
  5. Potterswheel

    Audi A3 S Line 1.4 TFSI COD Petrol Manual - Electric Handbrake

    Check out or send a pm to creweaudiparts, You may well be surprised, there are many people on ebay and the like who seem to think that they can charge as much if not more than Audi for second hand sometimes broken and mauled second hand parts. You can change the...
  6. Potterswheel

    Frameless rearview mirror retrofit

    Hi, I did this retrofit a few weeks ago and wrote a short guide for another ASN member, send me your email by pm and I'll send it to you.
  7. Potterswheel

    Saloon owners Question

    Ordered - I'll let you know how this goes
  8. Potterswheel

    Saloon owners Question

    Mine is a wonderful colour beige/green in fact with all the rivets and glue it looks like part of a WW1 aeroplane !!!!!
  9. Potterswheel

    Saloon owners Question

    Question for all you saloon owners is there a trim panel in the boot underneath the parcel shelf or is it just bare paint ?
  10. Potterswheel

    S3 lower grille on A3 ?

    Oh ******, at least it means mine was not a one off! If I were you I would get them out now whilst the bumper is off and and before it is painted so that you can get at the back of the clips at the back of the grilles.
  11. Potterswheel

    7 speed S-Tronic service

    He didn't do the filter then, if if only took one coffee!!!
  12. Potterswheel

    Illuminated door sills.

    Just seen this
  13. Potterswheel

    Exhuast valve install on a3

    :welcome!: Welcome aboard !!!! You don't say what flavour of A3 you have, it helps a lot if you put it in your signature. I'm sure that there will be someone who has already tried this and will share their knowledge. It's nice to hear that time and money is no problem :grinning:
  14. Potterswheel

    Traction control issue

    Was the Haldex (all wheel drive unit!!) controller, calibrated when you had the pump and strainer serviced before? I did mine at under 20 k and the strainer was pretty filthy, by cleaning your strainer and changing the fluid you are giving the pump the best chance before calibration, if the...
  15. Potterswheel

    Folding mirrors retrofit

    Just found this when looking for something else, may be of some help to anyone doing this in the future;
  16. Potterswheel

    Extended Leather - Remove rear door card 3dr elsawin info

    Sorry about that - missed the 3dr !!! see pm.
  17. Potterswheel

    Traction control issue

    Have you had the Haldex serviced? i.e. oil and filter cleaned. Have a search around the site there is loads on this.
  18. Potterswheel

    Extended Leather - Remove rear door card 3dr elsawin info

    Nice job, any details? Removal of the rears is very similar to the fronts