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    Turbo Refurb / "as-new" unit?

    Where would the best place to get my turbo refurbed or to get an "as-new" unit to replace my one on my 2005 A3 2.0TDi that now has 150,000 miles on the clock?
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    Haldex ECU - Fault Code J492

    Just replaced the Haldex ECU and it worked first time. Thanks for all the help! Couldn't be happier! Just in time for the snow too!
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    Damaged damper

    I've got a damaged damper that needs replacing and I've been toying with just getting a complete overhaul of the suspension inc bushes too as the car is rough as **** to ride these days - I remember when I first got it how smooth it was. The car has 140k+ miles on the clock - so it is...
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    Mayonaise on oil cap - diagnostic help please.

    Yeah its the coolant/water getting into the engine. A pressure/compression test I guess is the only way to find out!
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    Has anyone attempted to restore there own wheels?

    Sand off all the old paint down to the primer.. get some wet n dry and smooth that out. Then prime again and W&D it. Add up to 3 layers of spray paint remembering to W&D between layers. Then the gloss/sealing layer twice.
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    DIS / Instrument Lights gone wonky..

    Woke up to a flat battery today. Tried my own battery charger - didn't work. Had to call out the AA - their diagnosis said "bad cell" and it appears there was a 1.4amp per hour discharge from the battery with the key out the ignition. We changed the battery - all is fine now as it...
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    Rear wiper going nuts!

    Yeah same thing happened to me. Though I think i left it too late - the rear motor doesnt work anymore - so if anyone reading this has deleted their rear wiper and looking to shed some weight - I'll happily take their wiper motor off their hands! (I'll pay P&P etc.)
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    DIS / Instrument Lights gone wonky..

    Aberdeen Here's some pics... By ruxtonj at 2011-11-03 By ruxtonj at 2011-11-03
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    DIS / Instrument Lights gone wonky..

    Car was working fine one afternoon. Got in it the same evening and it wasn't until about 5mins in that I noticed that the time/date display and the mileage clock displays were extremely bright. I then looked down and saw that the climate control display was super bright too (lighting up the...
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    My Throttle Bodys a Tad Dirty...

    Whoa.! No wonder mine failed at 120k and had to be replaced...
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    My A3 TDI Sport

    Just get the S-Line spoiler on there and it'll look the biz :)
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    audi a3 2.0 tdi 8p 140 new turbo being fitted tomorrow

    This is something I'm keeping in mind for the new year - my 8P 140 2.0TDi is already on 140K.. and just for peace of mind... need my belt and water pump changing first!
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    Haldex ECU - Fault Code J492

    There is an A - but it really does look like a Y at the end there. As for the cables - did you mean the corrosion to be on the lead or on the multi connector on the ECU itself?
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    Haldex ECU - Fault Code J492

    Ok I've been looking around, and yes oil is supposed to come out as its got a couple of oil pressure sensors (the one that's sticking out the unit I'm holding - the other one is still inside the diff). I just need help with where the cables route to disconnect it. (at the other end) And...
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    Haldex ECU - Fault Code J492

    I might have a Gen4 Haldex - my code is OAY Here's my code is here as clean as I could get it at the time.. I took the 2x Hex head bolts out - to gain better access to the cables - I pushed them in so if they're loose it might help - it didnt. Is oil supposed to come out...
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    Haldex ECU - Fault Code J492

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    Haldex ECU - Fault Code J492

    Nice! thanks for that! You're saying just to buy the whole unit and take the ECU off? or to ask them to just send the ECU? Hopefully this MOT tomorrow doesnt cost me a bomb! (I think i might need a siezing O/S/R caliper+ pads replaced) EDIT : Just noticed that last one says "stamped on the...
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    Haldex ECU - Fault Code J492

    its a 2006, 55 regplate