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    Post your B7 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    Found this RSNe DVD sat nav unit with map discs while looking for other bits on ebay - Audi RNSe 2007 Nav DVD unit. | eBay
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    se sline and dtm

    Somthing else worth noting if your on the hunt for info on the DTM, the US was based on an S4 & called the S4 25 quattro, not a 2.0Tfsi like ours as the yanks would have never taken to a quattro special edition with a mere 4 cylinders. Now that I think about it rightly so, not saying the DTM...
  3. Biggied

    se sline and dtm

    One thing I Know for sure is that the DTM defo hasn't got the T-3 Torsen quattro with the 60/40, The only B7s to get this were S4 & RS4 where the rest had T-2 50/50. The suspension I'm not sure about, its defo listed as 20mm lower but weather thats next to an S-line or not I don't know, I...