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  1. stapo69

    MY NEW RIDE!!!

    You need some shots directly from the front and back, following you home it looks fat, the stance is awesome! Lovin the freaky bent wheel in the last shot!
  2. stapo69

    R32 Steering Wheel

    Doug @ MRC has one of these on his S4, he loves it apparently, just that bit chunkier and smaller, feels nicer to drive with.
  3. stapo69

    Carbon Wing Mirror Covers

    I got some for my S4 here, A tad expensive, and in germany, but real nice product.
  4. stapo69

    mrc tuning video

    Apparently the R32 wheel is a little smaller and a bit chunkier, Doug just prefers it, says it's much nicer to use than the original.
  5. stapo69

    S3 calliper sticker

    I've got a set on my S4, and am surprised how well they've lasted, still look like brand new months later, and my brakes get hot, very hot!
  6. stapo69


    Look down a few posts, "mine is for sale" Sitrials ming blue with black leather and tastful string of all the right mods
  7. stapo69

    Mine is for sale

    I can vouch for this car, a lovely motor, well looked after, a great buy for some lucky person!
  8. stapo69

    Finally got me some S4 Avus Reps

    I ike them, I've always thought they look better in 18s, the sunken centre caps make them look a lot nicer.
  9. stapo69

    Boost gauge and holder

    Mine came with the dial but they do em seperate for £2! On here in the accessories bit.
  10. stapo69

    Boost gauge and holder

    Have a look here, this is how I did mine.
  11. stapo69

    Boost gauge and holder

    Glad you liked it mate. Turned out ok I think. The main prob is gettin your vacuum wire form the dash side to engine side, but I'm sure there's info on here about what route to take on your A3. Then you just need a live and earth from somewhere local to your guage. The pillar itself just pulls...
  12. stapo69

    Boost gauge and holder

    Thanks to chris's audi and the black roof lining he got hold of my pillar pod is now finished, was a pain to cover cos of the curves in it, had to do it in 2 sections, but turned out pretty good I think.
  13. stapo69

    selling the S3 to buy an M3?

    That's a tough one B6 S4 or E46 M3.....Go drive both for sure.
  14. stapo69

    Matt Black wheels?

    I found matt black to just look dirty to be honest. A bitch to keep clean as well! I'd go satin
  15. stapo69

    Black on Black

    Love what they call this, black on black, in the states. "Murdered out!" I'm contemplating powder coating my CHs satin black too, for a tougher look. Compliment the carbon that's in the post.....
  16. stapo69

    Anyone think of a better custom sticker.

    Lower than your grans nipples!
  17. stapo69

    Anyone think of a better custom sticker.

    I saw a couple on a 700+bhp R34 GTR Skyline that I liked. One above the towing eye readiny "Porsche towing point" and another across the back saying summit like "the patrol car just won't do, best fetch the copter!"
  18. stapo69

    Opinion on wheels needed!!

    Lenso are big on the jap scene, not so sure they'd go on an Audi
  19. stapo69

    Gone Grey!

    They look sweet mate, really suit the colour of your car well. Good job!
  20. stapo69

    Photoshop help please !!

    Not the best, bit new to it, but thought I' give it a go! Couldn't get the black to look right, but you get some idea.