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  1. j4jon

    K-1 LO400 Build

    Welcome. Having looked up the loba lo400 you should be good for circa 400BHP. Pushing it much harder than that the problem you will come up against is getting sufficient fuel. I'm running a similar setup on the internals and a Garrett GTX2860r. I've not had it on a rolling road but logging...
  2. j4jon

    Bluetooth retrofit

  3. j4jon

    Bluetooth retrofit

    Where did you get the plug and play loom from? I've seen them on Kufatec but they are closer to £50
  4. j4jon

    CCM / Electric Windows Help

    I've got a friend that had this same problem with his Seat Exeo (the A4 with different bumpers) we ended up replacing the CCM unit. I took the old unit apart afterwards and one of the relays had failed. If would be possible to remove the CCM open it up and test each relay, if one has failed...